Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Sainthood of Father Damien

Aloha poets,
Poetry originally posted at my blog site in the Honolulu Advertiser 
newspaper Feb 24, 2009. Enjoy!

Aloha... Inspiration from Father Damien

         St. Damien De Veuster  

Across the pond from Belgium 1873
The little nest, Kalapapa, safe haven would be
A task so noble simple acts of kindness
In a time before the global, heartless, and mindless

Duty and service in the despair of banish
A kind heart arrived never to vanish
Epidemic in a land so scenic and blue
Father Damien De Veuster cared for you

In service to the people with nerves of steel
A sail away to Molokai had no broad appeal
Acrosss the vast where truthful winds blow
The seas rise and ebb as if to know

Molokai monastery Ecclesiast
From across the sea came help at last
Canonization trickling along meager path
In 1873 to fight Hanson's wrath

Now a date is set at St. Peter's Square
October 11th the world meets you there
Father Damien De Veuster's story forever now told
Homeland  Hawaii across the wet and cold

A simple hero in his own time
A sainthood now to carry and chime
Heroic service reveals no squalor
To go alone in silence and simple valor

Bells will toll in a Belgium Mission
For a life of toil and banished victims
Try for a sense of hope as it rises
For love embodies all shapes and sizes

Arrive at the momentt with faith on display
Bridge a divide beyond a feeling of grave
Duty as devotion's sanctification route
Elevating life is no illusion
Among the suffering with a warmth so human

Now in far away lands of St. Peter Square
St. Damien finds beloved Hawaiians there
Back in Kalaupapa hallow the ground
Home village Molokai love and joy abound 

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