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Citadel Palms

Aloha Poets,
Citadel palms inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Stay and Make It Go Ding-a-Ling

Deep imprints of solid golden events
Blur and focus in its memory movements
Hoping for a miracle to be able to tell
This side of the story as if inside a cell

Could I have ever seen what was coming my way?
In multiple excursions they must have wanted their say
The light of later life shines the light plain as day
Fact finding missions come back into play

A simple request, the pleasure of your eyes
Amazing gaze graces so thin your disguise
Back again as a martyr, we all thought left
With discovery of voice so clear and so deft

So light and wispy, not TV thick
Remembering seemingly everything surely lights the wick
From happy time laps to situational thunder
Old efforts of writing we prefer to put asunder

Precedence thinkers can tell you here's the thing
Coupled in concrete a distant bell lets freedom ring
Talking back on paper makes it go ding-a-ling
Doodling not dawdling ups it to a Dong-Ding!

A nice quiet chair needs no convoluted plot
Just a little stillness to gather some thought
Right or wrong as an answer need not apply
Up to you it is your choice to turn a blind eye

Pole vault the polls focus on your own words
Scare yourself into a loud crowd of nerds
Angelic forces lead the battle to presumed remains
Lowering your guard-up to exhume the pains

Unique innards make their final reckoning
Revisionist history makes its beckoning
Shod in no fancy clod hip hopper
Sustainable thought written, the last hill topper

We go deep with back story uncover a lie
Could get a little ugly and that's no sugar high
Sustainable thinking or situational thunder
Give it some thought, for one takes you under

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Sea Horse Dragon

Aloha Poets,
Sea horse dragon inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Lava Cliff's Cement Strip Rail

Nothing better than a drizzle off rotten rock
Where technology's democracy merges in shock
Attitudinal climbing maintains nature's close ties
Dead to rights to deal with a clamor up blue skies

A love of this mountain is a bridge to somewhere
Stunned by interchanges the enamored goes nowhere
Less forgiving rotten rock signals emergency drop
Hippie chick up there with a dairy diary prop

Creatures living on land but hunt in these waters
Mountain trail dumps less forgiving what matters
Spigot divot walls off only for the living's buck wit a bang
Adventurers fashion passion off rocky cliff over hang

Earth here comes full of holes piton tumbler
Opening gambit an auction of blunder
Dump the backstroke to do a little foraging
Volcanic rocks hot with porridge rigging

Unrepentant tent is a smoky lady
Full of holes rocky cliff fashion crazy
Terrain in the rain a little bit bumpy
Tumbles on the news to a stomach pit grumpy

Steep drop off cracked and crumpled
Yet another savvy title lies mumbled
Loose rocks steep ridge to lose fast footing
Bring the climatic, wrap a reader get cooking

Almost from the get go less commercial
Volcanic crumbs runout of rope's rehearsal
Maintain close ties with a mountain trail
Tumble on the news of earth cement strip ra

Tropical Photo Poems

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hut With a View

Aloha Poets,
Hut with a view inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Port-au-Prince Port of Call

Dream me on where once was a song offshore
Drums beyond the ocean's roar, I heard it once more
Candles and vigils the world handles and stands still for
In the sun off the shore on this deck, I heard it once more

Legend rolls beyond the shoals of quiet sunny days
Waves of sorrow roil beyond and hide in those bays
They say you made your own fate there back at your home
Out here on the water they play and just say leave it alone

Cruise me out there on the ocean just take me away
Stake your pride in me just one little ride is all I pray
Life's furry little edifier arrived then scurried along
A little stench became entrenched where once was song

Shallow steeples lie bare next to the bones
To follow this shore where once there were so many homes
There in the hills still so many still inch along in a pinch
While here on this ship people snack and sip punch

The world wonders where it is they should now call home
Each one together a new journey set out yet so alone
Survival cries for attention yet just throws it a bone
Super hearts watch as their long ships creak and groan

Anchors of life on land stooped in sick rancor's sway
Look to what befalls port of call now quickly anchors aweigh
Lounge chair slips aboard deck of no laziness lack
As sickness cries for help in fields fall flakiness flak

Mirror mires in admiration for all the world to see
Watch yourself dance on this expanse of beautiful sea
Sordid veneer of societal steer to see more just off that pier
Peer pressure appears and veers near dear vacationer's beer

Don't they believe we believe in those of which they grieve?
This ship is so big we dance and take a swig should we just leave?
To find a footing in this powerful wave of despair
Don''t they know we care out here about them over there?

Beach chair of perch look out there at what once was a church
Weights of the world try to barter their way to fight the lurch
Those who stay beyond shore's tattered fray bid anchors aweigh
Kind of princely in a pricey way that twelfth day on the bay

Aboard ship's whims acrobatic gyms of Astoria offer a bath
Scoff and shuffle bored at the hoard fighting the aftermath
Get more attuned to those, try to attend the tender politely
Fend off spasms of anxiety in the sun off the shores of society

From this deck chair I float pineapple in my rum
Night's fires off shore in dark hills sing and beat a drum
Beach resort right here on this deck's edge with a crew
In this vast view is the world made up of so far and few?

I heard it once more that drum or a gun above the shore
Listening to my blast from the past I heard it again once more
A little beach frolic, lollipop dollop in the beauty of sun and sand
Out there they plan a command to forge man's humanity to man

Enjoy the beach with all it entails, beyond the bay crumbled jails
Smiles reassess to stand in concentrations of this land of sails
Secluded enclave rustic module sweeping views is your slave
Still the land reassesses to stand a marginal plan then just wave

Dream me on where once was a song offshore
That drum above the shore there I heard it once more
Those candles and vigils the world still stands for
In the sun off the shore I heard it again once more

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Atoll's Toll

Aloha Poets,
Atoll's toll inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Fashion Hot

A funny screen splashes with a fun old movie flash
Opinion pieces in fashion and no downtrodden backlash,
Redouble the doubt in perpetuity at vanity fair
As I sit wild eyed beside the aisle there in my chair

Prominent secrets approach from all four sides
Scotching ideas and dreaming, skipping like brides
Can the fashion of plenty ends the concept of trend?
Silhouette shadows where once left out, now begin

Those runaway runway looks look headed for the heap
A new sighting of tidal waves beckons goggles and jeep
Can somebody really see themselves dressed that way?
To save the system, quick toss doctrines, make some hay

A loss of vital signs takes its fashion lender's lead
Smokes out the tribal and watches runways bleed
In repeated vows of spontaneity and creative thought
Marshmallow pitchforks run fast and fashion hot

Are we really witnessing the concept-of-trend's end?
Flashing discrete messages to flesh it out once again?
Instant take-aways flare amidst the discontented
And championing quests no longer remain cemented

Amidst the angst and all the roil stands the iconic runway
Creativity bubbles up doubly doable now comes to play
Personal tribe we see, in the making comes to stay
You see yourself like that then simply dress that way

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Ode to a Furry Little Sidekick

My little buddy, my best little friend
Follows me around from wherever I've been
This love affair can truly take its toll
With inadvertent games of whack-a-mole

Little quirky gaming ways we adopt
We play inside though outdoors we opt
So little and so sweet my cuddly little friend
Where rough and tumble, takes it on the chin

My buddy comes back like a true gamer
Already knowing I'm no lion tamer
Life's great symphony with a little accompaniment
Sidekick knows when a kick's not what I meant

Follows me around near the ground all afoot
Little heart glows never treated like soot
In this little house we're both part of the chase
Dogging for dodgeball can get you stepped on the face

Furry little shadow lights up with a hum
Can't always know which directions come from
Little stalker's grown into my personal spy
Playing rag tag can get you in the eye

Follows my trail leaves a silent track
Plays whack-a-mole with one turn of the back
No truer companion have I ever felt
No luckier game left a more silent welt

Events remain told among close friends
Ask for forgiveness hope my heart mends
I love the little guy with heart and soul
Lest accidental games of whack-a-mole

Attending my needs to play and have fun
Little buddy again scampers my little chum
Feet go flying little fuzzy got bounced
Striking resemblance something wild pounced

Collision of affection crossed our path
Found myself chasing into the aftermath
Playing around with this chancy little dance
Waits in the wings for another chance

Not a disaster by any stretch of event
A little misadventure just a little accident
Put out a call for friends to weigh in
A little misfortune or a home wrecking sin?

There was never a thrashing just a little swat
Neither a wallop nor much of a spat
My little assistant companion escort
Loyal squire friendly helper's cohort

The caper on the carpet just a frisky little dance
Jumpy little frolic turned tumbling prance
We surely like to play and rollick with romps
Skip and fumble with requested little stomps

Periodically now and then you might say
My furry little clown, we still play each day
Companionship and fun is our simple goal
And from time to time do play whack-a-mole

Started so sincere simple unintentional
In our small little space we control unconventional
We play together, immense affection we dole
Never destroyed by accidental whack-a-mole


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Sleepy Dude

Aloha Poets,
Plot in writing means to get a character out of the mud, but first you have to get in the mud. Let's write with the idea of plot today. Enjoy!

Illusion Alliance

Dodge the notion of no escape
Emblazon the lions in winter's cape
A golden time heeds your choice
Starting out with a willing voice

Discrepancy's judge carries a gun
Self-induced trance tarries in fun
Tender creamy notes mince no words
Rest upon no more wince the worlds

Honesty tonight beds with the future
Yet to unfold toward couture
Intimate whispers build their answer
As dark events enter chancier

In the mist a surrounding fairy tale
Yet tell-tale signs never turn tail
Ride the horse that melds the story
Pathetic prophetic wins its glory

Time is the illusion that waits for none
Chimes of fusion inside the sun
Shiny impressions gait across sand
Time is the illusion with the plan

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Passion Pink Disguise

Aloha Poets,
Good fiction always finds trouble, early and often. Let's find trouble in our poetry today. Enjoy!

Elucidate the Vision

Love wealth and courage and that's a good thing
When at the sliding door to hell someone does ring
You expect a resounding "no" in a heartbeat and a breath
Instead a tarnished star from being yes'd to death

Unsettling reliance on all but a small mouthful
Trajectory of what might have been or was forever doubtful
Treat yourself on the town to a statistical probability
In the hot seat of crashing with a lover and a tree

Fashionable rehab elucidates the vision
All was well up to and including the collision
Border on torture with a shaved tattoo
Celebrity class was once a veritable who's who

Multiple doctors so as the tortured behaves
Toxic transformers hiding behind beehives
Undertake a speaking tour or an undertaker

Celebrity jumps on board, any takers?

Getting The Good Stuff

Aloha Poets,
Like this bee, readers want to get to the good stuff. Well-written dialogue magically morphs into your reader's dialogue. Let's explore well-written dialogue today. Enjoy!

Skate Bitten Blues

Sultry stalemates come alive
With a bystander's will to thrive
The strong stay up to stupefy
Skate bitten let's ride

Bitter chills crack the seam
Bitter pills take the steam
Bed of permanences remain mean
Skate bitten we make the scene

Snake bitten gets a grip
Cake walks take a trip
Ride the edge of reality
Skate bitten mettles ofmalady

Have a little conference
Get a lot of confidence
Presto stuns impresario
Skate bitten goes for show

Banish a gaggle of juggled geezers
Catch those flat-footed teasers
Trickery evokes a real crowd pleaser
Skate bitten gets for public seizure

Investigate an alligator
Instigate an elevator
Allocate alleged offenders
Skate bitten fends of pretenders

Skate bitten surveys formation
Kite ridden portrays elation
Periodically show of levitation
Skate bitten cruiser nation

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Star Crossed Critter

Aloha Poets,
The way a character speaks is dialectt. Great writers create dialect in the mind rather than splashed on the written page. Let's explore dialect today. Enjoy!

Journey Home

The best case scenario still bleeds you
Props you up on a schedule that needs you
Sure it takes care of business and feeds you
To get free and clear of the title that deeds you

Turn your life around bring it back to the house
Toss another log on the fire to douse
Are you really on for a date with your hunch?
Or is this the show where you'll be getting punk'd

All this work all this hope and to finish this way
From the big fort you went forth with the old cliche'
Gorgeous looks play hard-to-get, you got a shot
Every blitz in the book gives you another look to be hot

On your whim, scheme a dream team then thank it
Try to cover that sleeping baby with a warm blanket
Throughout recent memory old references just keep citing
When the final dagger arrives, just go home, the fish are biting

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