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Aloha Poets,
Sailing inspires today. Enjoy!

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Coral Reef 3010

Aloha Poets,
Coral reef inspires today. Enjoy!

White Coral Green Seas Orange Skies

Cult of responsibility makes less money
Family survival on the line's not funny
What benefit in making all you possibly can?
With iron dust wasteland across sea span

Though they say you never live to expect
Tired old rules beyond a hunt and peck
Stall the green tide long as best you can
Fish make quiet homes under sea span

Dust lead once paint for the show of it all
Coral reef looks around to hear last call
Deeper life depends on pincer and fin
Food is the livelihood as reef collapse in

Old call of the known keeps pulling to stay
Urges to become further us back in the day
Ramped up behaviors yet gone in a flash
On a drive for the good how does bad crash?

Reefs creep to oblivion in silent splash zones
Blue poverty strikes in hopes of new homes
Slippage reneges as hunger flashes forward
Familiarity pulling us back not to grow foward

To vanish in print revolves around egos
Cold banishments just watch as sea goes
Calm and quiet inoffensive offshore reef
Extinction's blink leaves no time to for grief

Excitement beckons here on vast lands
While coral bows to silent winter hands
Is snowball earth the only true answer?
Survival of reefs remains our true dancer

Bottoms up a toast for further expedition
In trades for diamonds of coral rendition
Scraped up mounds drug across ocean floor
Bottom dwellers hunker extinction at their door

High life of action to development of coastal
Shallow seas of hope as runoff runs off postal
Climate change saw temperature new seas rise
3010 white coral green seas orange skies

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Lovebird Preferred

Aloha Poets,
Happy second day of Spring! Lovebird preferred inspires today's love poem. Enjoy!

Jump a Journey to Love

Into the abyss starts the beginning
Familiarity breeds in thoughts of winning
Is this greatness or just a little spatter?
Or fate's nest carving another new latter

Stand as we do where starters overlook
Into valleys where deep tremors once shook
Power concoction in anticipation's eyes
As the pride inside chafes at compromise

To give birth to advantage motherhood toils
Masters of quirk beyond the shadow of royals
Changed by a processes initiated in growth
Dormant modern times hope best for both

To go with the urge destination to be named
To sing love's praises so persistently gamed
A response so sudden described as internal
Conquers fear as you make survival eternal

So much the fury and messiness of fight
The focus to protect blows steam at night
Children will play amid stern little twist
A bagged little convert at night to be kissed

To evade those desolations you called the past
With no care of direction or duration to last
Tedium washes need as doormats clamp up
Envision to evade then a convert when a pup

Dominance rules built away from consensus
Emerging from the lowly as ruffled condenses
Life and death hold hands as priorities alter
Liberating discretion of any chance to falter

Still rearing an upbringing, child ghost of a past
So busily involved the one who makes it last
Inside battles rage is your chance to remember
As the need to tailor flies its flag of surrender

Can all costs in flight be so lightly taken?
Strengths of startle resonate when shaken
Single minds focus on that from which to escape
Sweet encumbered lumber is slumber's final take

To sleep now would defy the ancient gene's mission
Profound conflict in birth of independence's fission
Motherhood squalls asking where tasks went
In present pressure points permitted to vent

To get paid and then get up to trot
Mind bend a little to give activity a shot
Motherhood candidates pray passage from above
Past ridges of contention jump a journey of love

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Blue Blur Allure

Aloha Poets,
Blue blur allure inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Blue Blur Allure

Doves among the mists in worthy survival
Centerpiece subduction upon thirsty arrival
Instant approach appears circled in song
Ritual festivities festoon to play along

Respectable forms smile more than twice
Natural cleanup hitters a beautiful spice
Ponder to wonder in crosstown at bay
Allure's blurred blue blue light signals play

Lovely and charmed invitations dream merry
Channels above soft light's warm creamery
Preemptive to rattle up rafters and beams
Surprises with laughter in smiles and dreams

Informational seeds sow the opposite of scorn
With bright smokey thoughts so nicely worn
Peering out among peers in fervent palette
Initiates sheer countdown to ribeye with shallot

Blur to detour beyond now the alluring zone
Arm twists ground out as appeals race home
Faces without which good seats make no sense
Footpaths so heartfelt round inside the fence

Cornerstones of connection in fond pursuits
Suited up so well to shoot down all suits
Far flung enticement floats more soft liners
Monolithic thoughts sent down to the minors

Baffled in bleachers with healthy impression
Food is the topic over hearty succession
Enchanting merchant brings feelings to bear
Into unified territory from coliseums out there

Fun comes into power offstage with its hue
Warms up to reassurance moods of select few
Flattering fan favorites in smily face craze
Culminating eagerness amidst a blue haze

Slight little shifts in flight down the line
Burnishes of passion whispered so fine
Want what they're having controversial play
Heightens the passion in calls of the day

Eagerness at eateries crushes all burden
Enlightened action over food's fond curtain
Tasty morsels a hit in wonderment of smiles
A fun resolution to arrive here from miles

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Wood Bench and Drum

Aloha Poets,
Bench, drum, and volcano fog (Vog) inspire today. Enjoy!

Sparks Red on Sea of Blue

It's one of those calls you just have to respond to
Anxiety falls when the brink of blue ponds call you
Cheered up by the churn of that cool little world
Dead sleepy sending painful drops into sunshine swirl

Fear and anxiety once called dimensional impropriety
So close across that fuzzy line from oblivious society
The sound of song birds grow enamored into your face
Yet one altered pitch sends a negative itch to that place

About as direct a conduit as one easily can do it
Learning to live turns on a dime as you cue it
The ability to stay is a sort of stability in a way
Thrill of it all is you make the call to see it all sway

Going hard to be a fool to good times already spent
Now knowing what they meant by timely predicament
Those fears in stressful guilt strut to cut off all zoom
And get into the hunt to consume your latest costume

Take it all in as just another interpretational bliss
Curtail the last curtain call then try to get a kiss
Interpretations found are your next staging ground
So many plans abound to gift wrap your mind around

Whole hearted on your behalf gets a laugh or two
Love sparks red out in a cool sea of blue
Let's make history and try another first attempt
At trying to grow uncomfortable or be unkempt

Ambiguous enough through the next little rough dew
Comes with a new meaning in mornings with you
All dreams clutch so much and your little touch too
Now nearly a navy of blue gets us comfy as two

Our new hot songs spring into fast action
Vacation at hot springs justify a little distraction
Inside your arrest zone sleeps a midas touch
Even our subtribes subscribe to love and such

So surrendered are we by our warm charm
Our swat team to breach the cold of life's swarm
Serious lapses extract our hearts from their glue
As honey sparks red in our sea of blue

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shady Beach

Aloha Poets,
Shady beach inspires today. Enjoy!

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Ambience Ambulance

Aloha Poets,
Ambience ambulance inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Ambience Ambulance

Victims of circumstance incapacitate true losses ostensibly
Who needs needy wheels instilling silliness into costly sensibilities?
Musing smooth over a misusing asks if we really did hear it
Embarked on a journey where physics meets up with spirit

Tousled hair and swirly looks all to the party we would bring
Our brains with other plans to bring a standstill to destiny's thing
Biology builds the future and with little steadfast assistance
Filling voids of chilly vacuum with gels of warmth in coexistence

Lifetimes of literate independent pendants join in the conversation
Resourceful status wins over visual appeal on the verge of elation
Sales pitching sails in places where convergence catches wind
Responsibility finds a tail it stalking from where it's been

Wondering how you ended here with more concerns out there
Unexpected routes tout headlong in lengths cut thread bare
Scanning for assets and new assertions finds nothing for certain
Strong beginnings hide bloodlust in bottles rinsed behind a curtain

Destinations search for a new start as scenarios tilt askew
Ancient attractions wire beauty's softness covet songs in blue
Youthful gait with ineptitude still game the system of late
Options of opinion opine to open experience's frozen gate

Prolongations of antagonism invoke roads a few bumps ahead
Pretending contingency tinges and runs as funny toads all fed
Serving up truth with vermouth tends to pull it back in again
There in corner booths they go back to a life they could win

There it goes again a little whim striking within good measure
Inflammation's infatuation goes to find what it should treasure
Plans printed on palms overshadow smiles on wide stretchy beaches
Not one critical thought of a loved one's drought in creamy peaches

Animal magnetism settles obstacles ostensibly for repair
Salsa sails in passions of love for distant South Seas fare
Elvis elves let biology catch up with each other's own true love
Wanderlust bottles ambulance ambience for future use from above

Alien Aloha

Aloha Poets,
Lone palm appears as an alien on the beach. EnjoY!

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Waikiki Floats

Aloha Poets,
Tropical architecture appears to float and inspires today. Enjoy!

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Jungle Canopy

Aloha Poets,
Jungle canopy inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Behemoths and Moths

Stature of sorts rebuffs last calls of birth
Journeys deserve all manner of worth
A rise above it all in grand borders and wings
Forgetfulness lays deep inside tanks with rings

Believability begs different color rhyme
Shows favor to go on to ignore that chime
Easy beach feasible breach to just swim away
Old stories of behemoths and moths at play

It's true they pulled hard to float them in
In glorious stature once were wild friends
Ends of work they say is at the end of the day
In all manner of safeguards they come out to play

The clang of change persists throughout the show
Family matters alter where news of amusements go
Enrolling the embroiled in a slight disconnect
To troll all the toll booths for deep sunken wreck

Something inside says all in captivity is true
Rivals amass and dismiss natural selection's cue
Have pet moths enter see them eat that shawl
While watching a behemoth perforn inside a mall

New amusements will always find their way in
Into hearts to jump and play the chimp's champion
Its a time of the signs to announce another caper
Poolside see the whales read Darwin's newspaper

Sticky similarities strike home a critter's nose
These civilized habits were the ones we chose
To peer inside a tank is a choice of sorts
Chosen from a pier by peers and cohorts

Official rainy seasons stumble in again
To alleviate pain as grandstands crumble thin
Tempted and tempered by tempest's fate
Simple change and a coupon gets you in the gate

Yes we have journeyed yet stumbled so far
Forced into something grown from afar
Beside that puddle they muddle their take
Take a dime then fire up another griddle cake

Life offers assortments in duplicate deputies
Are moths and behemoths the last refugees?
Events may find amusement with flips in the air
Flutterings and breechings from somewhere out there

Again from the limbo comes another rainy season
Still glass covered tanks remain for some grainy reason
Nature's life fractures and makes forecasters swarm
Behemoths and moths prefer her coming storm

Monday, March 1, 2010

Palms Friendly Fronds

Aloha Poets,
Palms friendly fronds inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Unearthed Near Thunder Blues

The inner life of romance comes for a short stay
Golden moments of tomorrow have yet to play
Conveniences of convention arrive to nest
Tempted fate too late at best is anybody's guess

Wildernesses whimsically call out for their unborn child
Incontrovertible races chase convertibles from wet to wild
A contortionist's cartoonist broadly balloons away
Signature events in the end makes them come back to stay

The wait in actuality outweighs in a fast approach
In time the new find will be too meager to broach
The wish is for the best but then again who ever knows
Dominant defender for all those who wish to play dominoes

Indistinguishable is that fire at the edge of your garden hose
Focuses shift to the scrappy as the wild choses from all those
Apply a trait as if off your plate onto a canvas with theme
Orchestrated action needs a caption and a captain's team

Art unthinkable with its monopolistic twist now enters
Openings spent in due diligent outside the window centers
The perceptions is reactionaries fought a rough tough turf war
Tweak a snippet innovate a puppet and swing a profit once more