Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jungle Canopy

Aloha Poets,
Jungle canopy inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Behemoths and Moths

Stature of sorts rebuffs last calls of birth
Journeys deserve all manner of worth
A rise above it all in grand borders and wings
Forgetfulness lays deep inside tanks with rings

Believability begs different color rhyme
Shows favor to go on to ignore that chime
Easy beach feasible breach to just swim away
Old stories of behemoths and moths at play

It's true they pulled hard to float them in
In glorious stature once were wild friends
Ends of work they say is at the end of the day
In all manner of safeguards they come out to play

The clang of change persists throughout the show
Family matters alter where news of amusements go
Enrolling the embroiled in a slight disconnect
To troll all the toll booths for deep sunken wreck

Something inside says all in captivity is true
Rivals amass and dismiss natural selection's cue
Have pet moths enter see them eat that shawl
While watching a behemoth perforn inside a mall

New amusements will always find their way in
Into hearts to jump and play the chimp's champion
Its a time of the signs to announce another caper
Poolside see the whales read Darwin's newspaper

Sticky similarities strike home a critter's nose
These civilized habits were the ones we chose
To peer inside a tank is a choice of sorts
Chosen from a pier by peers and cohorts

Official rainy seasons stumble in again
To alleviate pain as grandstands crumble thin
Tempted and tempered by tempest's fate
Simple change and a coupon gets you in the gate

Yes we have journeyed yet stumbled so far
Forced into something grown from afar
Beside that puddle they muddle their take
Take a dime then fire up another griddle cake

Life offers assortments in duplicate deputies
Are moths and behemoths the last refugees?
Events may find amusement with flips in the air
Flutterings and breechings from somewhere out there

Again from the limbo comes another rainy season
Still glass covered tanks remain for some grainy reason
Nature's life fractures and makes forecasters swarm
Behemoths and moths prefer her coming storm

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