Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue Blur Allure

Aloha Poets,
Blue blur allure inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Blue Blur Allure

Doves among the mists in worthy survival
Centerpiece subduction upon thirsty arrival
Instant approach appears circled in song
Ritual festivities festoon to play along

Respectable forms smile more than twice
Natural cleanup hitters a beautiful spice
Ponder to wonder in crosstown at bay
Allure's blurred blue blue light signals play

Lovely and charmed invitations dream merry
Channels above soft light's warm creamery
Preemptive to rattle up rafters and beams
Surprises with laughter in smiles and dreams

Informational seeds sow the opposite of scorn
With bright smokey thoughts so nicely worn
Peering out among peers in fervent palette
Initiates sheer countdown to ribeye with shallot

Blur to detour beyond now the alluring zone
Arm twists ground out as appeals race home
Faces without which good seats make no sense
Footpaths so heartfelt round inside the fence

Cornerstones of connection in fond pursuits
Suited up so well to shoot down all suits
Far flung enticement floats more soft liners
Monolithic thoughts sent down to the minors

Baffled in bleachers with healthy impression
Food is the topic over hearty succession
Enchanting merchant brings feelings to bear
Into unified territory from coliseums out there

Fun comes into power offstage with its hue
Warms up to reassurance moods of select few
Flattering fan favorites in smily face craze
Culminating eagerness amidst a blue haze

Slight little shifts in flight down the line
Burnishes of passion whispered so fine
Want what they're having controversial play
Heightens the passion in calls of the day

Eagerness at eateries crushes all burden
Enlightened action over food's fond curtain
Tasty morsels a hit in wonderment of smiles
A fun resolution to arrive here from miles

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