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Monday, December 28, 2009

Snake Head Leaf

Aloha Poets,
Dialogue in poetry works like lovers: it's always best one to one. Enjoy!

A Social Net Works

A consilient approach is the willingness we need
Self-reliant intangibles that plant a seed
Fairly enforced partners fairly well
With ingenue protocol's ringing bell

That smile you fawn they take a shine to
Its stated glow far exceeds horizontal you
Leading to work a temporary monopoly
When testosterone blown leaves it sloppily

The willingness to exert the loss of a shirt
With physical presence and the toss in the dirt
Leaves you alone in your own scrubby valley
While others in mathematical modeling dally

Customary customers of protocol photo
Where individualism and rational was once a no show
Its hard to use up a very good idea
When encouragement flows from the eye to the ear

Pick someone now to partner with
Customary attitudes find morality pith
Toss it out across a notion of quirks
See, hear, and feel how a social net works

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Funny Face

Aloha Poets,
Funny face flower inspires the idea of style. Great writers continually examine their own work and a style naturally emerges.

Your Wallflower Willpower

One would think that with guards let down
Affiliations blow up on the surface above ground
Pugilistic pageants stalwart and knowing
As others entrain on something glowing

If there's a new gadget of deliciousness
Imminent incidents salvo salaciousness
Pandemonium ensues where winters whimper
Enters into the record of a wanted limper

Framed position lights where fame conditions delight
In the upcoming years poets power the flight
Causing a no cause of concern for the cause
The time of day or shape of play bell ringers take pause

Built for success and then some time off
Ranges of environment continue to scoff
The delicious bell ringer syill fails to sour
Places you've never taken your wallflower willpower

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tree Creature

Aloha Poets,
What happens in a story centers around character, what's possessed, and what's wanted. Let's explore that today. Enjoy!

Little Pieces of Care

The wonder of your hinterlands and its moonlight heaven there
Breaks the silence of your heartbreak's as if little pieces don't care
On the sidelines of entanglements sipping foreign avoidance
As you wrap your mind around old dreams of a joy dance

Hope is for the best albeit not for the worst
A continual tweak with dark shades of burst
Commensurate bravery with its resonant fight
Won't disappoint with your strongholds in sight

And I the thinker with my indelible crunch
Amidst pieces of decor ask, "What's for lunch?"
As to arrest the unruly you make your approach hot
You offer your verdict through aggregation of thought

Through the forest of trees I see your tormented stance
A willy nilly willingness to promote and enhance
Though the starkest of darkness brings passionate stare
Still your dreams will come wrapped in little pieces of car

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Inquisitive Critter

Aloha Poets,
Inquisitive critter inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Post It

I join no survey or focus groups
Just go out and get your own scoops
Call it a calling or maybe a quest
Where you go can be questionable at best

Easily searchable you do as you please
What your doing or where you sneeze
React to negate or determine the point
What was he thinking to end up in that joint?

Follow the message tread it out
Give your opinion but don't pout
Positive or negative can be trendy
Topics or products the focus can be

Determine postures in a country's area
Hold a position use any criteria
Hype won't die when key words abound
Tweet the uncommon and you'll get around

Words in conversation help you rise
To the top of the heap in the world's eyes
Tweet often and a lot and make it recent
Post interesting thoughts but keep it decent

Write an article but make it your own
Classic mix-ups may get overblown
Truth abounds where fiction is scant
Easily searchable is what you want

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Tropical Photo Poems

Angelfish Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore character through dialogue. Great dialogue can advance the plot. Let's try it! Enjoy!


"At your leisure you can put that gun down now."
She held it fast.
To soldier up once is all she wanted. She felt a tighter grasp.
"Now tell me how you really feel."
Sabra didn't move or even make a little squeal.
"Go ahead then. You won't miss this time."
"I'm tapping on the trigger. A little nursery rhyme."
"Well then maybe you will miss me."
"This is not about bullets." She wanted him to grab the gun out of her hand.
Or at least tell her why all her principles are being broken by one man.
Instead his stare continued to scourge her every moment.
"How do you feel now that you have finally pointed a gun ?"
"I feel hate," she said. "No,not hate, a chill."
"How does that kind of fun feel?"
The tapping continues.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poinsettia Peek

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore the biggest risk a character makes. in the story: loss of love. Enjoy!

The Shades of Kukui

Kukui tree stands her watch
Guarding and protecting taro patch
Outdoor learning place to share
Up the trail down blue water you'll find her there

Kukui legends for growth and futures
Enlightenment feathers, knowledge furthers
Taro patch smiles a need for mulch
Seeds for lei down silver leaf gulch

Oil for torches also soothes the hand
Calms the waters to see fish above sand
Grassy openings with candles in huts
As voyaging canoes gather kukui nuts

Kukui tree is where knowledge grows
Calms the waters for sea fish below
Prevents wildfires yet oils torch light
Enlightenment light to study by night

Feeds taro's soil where its too sandy there
Taro patch smiles wth kukui care
Kukui you are Hawaii's future light
Relishing this old forester's sight

Tropical Photo Poetry

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eco Dude

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore character traits. This shady character appears to be investigating something. Enjoy!

Box the Trees

Simply play two lengths of time
Stupefy the notion with a little rhyme
Outsource a sorcerer's mirror ball
Toss around a little before they fall

Be frank with your little hill of beans
Idle a flower follow its scenes
Ride a pony to express yourself
Box the trees put them on a shelf

Downwardly mobilize an upward spiral
Pound the pavement with nuanced style
Join the circus to be an elf
Box the trees up on a shelf

Get a little sticky with a little bottle
Seems to always be a hand on that throttle
Good old fashioned spats now go stealth
When boxes of trees are now the shelf

Eco Colors

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore a character's ruling passion, the one thing needed or wanted in the story. Enjoy!

Only For The Brave

This was some kind of episode of farewell
That entire stretch of life did bode well?
The wiggle room you had righted up a bit
An amateur life now from the armchair where you sit

Thought the use of a gun would bolster you case
Once a weapon for fun now you holster your face
Always in the mix for the moves of the day
Hoping for a body bounce back you're sure it's on its way

Do you still see what seemed so illusive
In review of a life you were supposed to live
Those foggy list of laws laid down by someone
Reveal a secret to you the best is yet to come

Where all the magic happens is anybody's guess
You hope it falls into your lap that pixie dust
Raw edgy and underground is the facade you crave
Whereas dignity kindness and grace is only for the brave

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hawaii Photo Poems

Flowery Eyes

Aloha Poets,
Today we will explore showing a character's feeling. Enjoy!


Go out in the rain and run a few circles
Yin and yang your day in colors and purples
Art and science interconnect here you stand
With the key to left brain and right in your hand

You say your focal point is here
The convergence of conference emerges near
Blank paper in hand what do you see?
Is it science or art this origami

A child's past time or so they say
Now it's your time this is your day
Nimble fingers need not have you think
Eye mind and hand stands at the brink

When you need to eat salami is your cure
In calls of duty it's infamy you endure
If it's a cookie crummy makes it pure
For a riveting feast it's origami you prefer

Fashion fathoms this fascination
Flight of potential lets unite a nation
Creative processes in microcosm realm
Prospect the possible origami's at the helm

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tropical Music

Aloha Poets,
Tropical music instruments at Christmas inspire today's poem. Antagonist and protagonist are explored. Enjoy!

Those Teenage Years

Switch the feel off then on again
The sloppy and choppy of way back when
The good guy you were among smiling faces
While the killer in you awaits remote places

You feel you act without thinking
Tumble at the feet of sweet nothings
Poised to emerge then pass on the poison
Teenage years once for joy and then some

Agents let loose a suburban sprawl
Spewing trade routes urging more crawl
Fast forward far faster than you would ever

Those teenage years we thought so clever

Fire Flower

Aloha Poets,
Fire Flower inspires today's poem. We explore character driven poetry today. Enjoy!

Sheltered and Secluded

She details her panic with chosen dessert
Staring down as if it's hostile dirt
That's when her eyes make their ugliest turn
While up ahead awaits a greater burn

Death can cling and creep without hype
Then make an easy leap to its favorite type
Fright sinks in despair then garners anew
As her pistol paints with its own point of view

Riding ahead while longing for taste
Survivor she becomes refugee of waste
Poised by ignorance hate and fear
Then vastness strains he rimagination from there

Still she searches for that perfect dessert
In the shelter as villages cast a sleepy alert
The feel of the storm and you are included
Inside her arms now sheltered and secluded