Monday, December 14, 2009

Eco Colors

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore a character's ruling passion, the one thing needed or wanted in the story. Enjoy!

Only For The Brave

This was some kind of episode of farewell
That entire stretch of life did bode well?
The wiggle room you had righted up a bit
An amateur life now from the armchair where you sit

Thought the use of a gun would bolster you case
Once a weapon for fun now you holster your face
Always in the mix for the moves of the day
Hoping for a body bounce back you're sure it's on its way

Do you still see what seemed so illusive
In review of a life you were supposed to live
Those foggy list of laws laid down by someone
Reveal a secret to you the best is yet to come

Where all the magic happens is anybody's guess
You hope it falls into your lap that pixie dust
Raw edgy and underground is the facade you crave
Whereas dignity kindness and grace is only for the brave

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