Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tree Creature

Aloha Poets,
What happens in a story centers around character, what's possessed, and what's wanted. Let's explore that today. Enjoy!

Little Pieces of Care

The wonder of your hinterlands and its moonlight heaven there
Breaks the silence of your heartbreak's as if little pieces don't care
On the sidelines of entanglements sipping foreign avoidance
As you wrap your mind around old dreams of a joy dance

Hope is for the best albeit not for the worst
A continual tweak with dark shades of burst
Commensurate bravery with its resonant fight
Won't disappoint with your strongholds in sight

And I the thinker with my indelible crunch
Amidst pieces of decor ask, "What's for lunch?"
As to arrest the unruly you make your approach hot
You offer your verdict through aggregation of thought

Through the forest of trees I see your tormented stance
A willy nilly willingness to promote and enhance
Though the starkest of darkness brings passionate stare
Still your dreams will come wrapped in little pieces of car

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