Monday, December 28, 2009

Snake Head Leaf

Aloha Poets,
Dialogue in poetry works like lovers: it's always best one to one. Enjoy!

A Social Net Works

A consilient approach is the willingness we need
Self-reliant intangibles that plant a seed
Fairly enforced partners fairly well
With ingenue protocol's ringing bell

That smile you fawn they take a shine to
Its stated glow far exceeds horizontal you
Leading to work a temporary monopoly
When testosterone blown leaves it sloppily

The willingness to exert the loss of a shirt
With physical presence and the toss in the dirt
Leaves you alone in your own scrubby valley
While others in mathematical modeling dally

Customary customers of protocol photo
Where individualism and rational was once a no show
Its hard to use up a very good idea
When encouragement flows from the eye to the ear

Pick someone now to partner with
Customary attitudes find morality pith
Toss it out across a notion of quirks
See, hear, and feel how a social net works

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