Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poinsettia Peek

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore the biggest risk a character makes. in the story: loss of love. Enjoy!

The Shades of Kukui

Kukui tree stands her watch
Guarding and protecting taro patch
Outdoor learning place to share
Up the trail down blue water you'll find her there

Kukui legends for growth and futures
Enlightenment feathers, knowledge furthers
Taro patch smiles a need for mulch
Seeds for lei down silver leaf gulch

Oil for torches also soothes the hand
Calms the waters to see fish above sand
Grassy openings with candles in huts
As voyaging canoes gather kukui nuts

Kukui tree is where knowledge grows
Calms the waters for sea fish below
Prevents wildfires yet oils torch light
Enlightenment light to study by night

Feeds taro's soil where its too sandy there
Taro patch smiles wth kukui care
Kukui you are Hawaii's future light
Relishing this old forester's sight

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