Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angelfish Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Today we explore character through dialogue. Great dialogue can advance the plot. Let's try it! Enjoy!


"At your leisure you can put that gun down now."
She held it fast.
To soldier up once is all she wanted. She felt a tighter grasp.
"Now tell me how you really feel."
Sabra didn't move or even make a little squeal.
"Go ahead then. You won't miss this time."
"I'm tapping on the trigger. A little nursery rhyme."
"Well then maybe you will miss me."
"This is not about bullets." She wanted him to grab the gun out of her hand.
Or at least tell her why all her principles are being broken by one man.
Instead his stare continued to scourge her every moment.
"How do you feel now that you have finally pointed a gun ?"
"I feel hate," she said. "No,not hate, a chill."
"How does that kind of fun feel?"
The tapping continues.

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