Saturday, December 26, 2009

Funny Face

Aloha Poets,
Funny face flower inspires the idea of style. Great writers continually examine their own work and a style naturally emerges.

Your Wallflower Willpower

One would think that with guards let down
Affiliations blow up on the surface above ground
Pugilistic pageants stalwart and knowing
As others entrain on something glowing

If there's a new gadget of deliciousness
Imminent incidents salvo salaciousness
Pandemonium ensues where winters whimper
Enters into the record of a wanted limper

Framed position lights where fame conditions delight
In the upcoming years poets power the flight
Causing a no cause of concern for the cause
The time of day or shape of play bell ringers take pause

Built for success and then some time off
Ranges of environment continue to scoff
The delicious bell ringer syill fails to sour
Places you've never taken your wallflower willpower

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