Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flowery Eyes

Aloha Poets,
Today we will explore showing a character's feeling. Enjoy!


Go out in the rain and run a few circles
Yin and yang your day in colors and purples
Art and science interconnect here you stand
With the key to left brain and right in your hand

You say your focal point is here
The convergence of conference emerges near
Blank paper in hand what do you see?
Is it science or art this origami

A child's past time or so they say
Now it's your time this is your day
Nimble fingers need not have you think
Eye mind and hand stands at the brink

When you need to eat salami is your cure
In calls of duty it's infamy you endure
If it's a cookie crummy makes it pure
For a riveting feast it's origami you prefer

Fashion fathoms this fascination
Flight of potential lets unite a nation
Creative processes in microcosm realm
Prospect the possible origami's at the helm

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