Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rosetta Grown

Aloha Poets,
Rosetta grown inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Fictional Trick

How you were and are only adds to this story
Awakened chaos tastes like natto and nori
Top ten moments in your life take center stage
You build the campfires slowly as they turn the page

Diamonds in the dirt always depend on the finders
Trek is the expo as dialogue wears scene blinders
Embedded deadheads move to the aft like before
Claws drawn upon flaws answer at a darkened backdoor

A ripple effect shows to be only for once and for now
Vantage points seek to obscure a bandage somehow
Placed inside a larger context of oceans of notion
Eventualities unfurl pole dances into perpetual motion

Placed in a world of untimely bibs and disguises
Our little friend confides, chides, and devises
Hammered out softly to battle affective rejections
Holds onto hats in effective jet seat ejections

Say it all nice in glass shards of living green
As deadly earth quacks through filters they scream
Lines of detention form and fade at square one
The art of reclusion falls under a shadow of sun

Reasons for conflict once spurned and scurried
Deflected volleys twice burned are now hurried
Shaken off weight grabs for a more saucy dance
From poets and writers formerly known as Audience

Ok so I lied now you must trust me unreliable
As more unruly ripples rip through to the undeniable
Go back to the start deck with your disaffected duck
What happens next is they will all wish you luck

Focused wit lands on very broad shoulders
Straight forward ways carry very large boulders
Clandestine candles may lead on to be venerable
Though finding new tolerances makes you untenable

Telltale body language grabs by the tail
In forces that rattle but never tattletale
Replace yourself now go shovel probe a new landing
For the art of reclusion you'll need a new branding

Go it alone out there just to see if someone cares
Bench and retrench those embedded rescue flares
The crucible for movement with its unending stare
Cherishes the chemist your blank desk and hard chair

Pains you for pleasure this quest source that powers
A timely tactic test finds you up at late hours
Turning tides of citywide cyanide in shadows bedevil
As writers formerly known as Audience treks onward disheveled

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Impact Zone Aquarium

Aloha Poets,
Tsunami from 8.8 magnitude earthquake impact zone from Waikiki Aquarium. Tsunami landfall on Hilo Harbor, Hawaii: a couple of minutes from now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flaming Flamingo

Aloha Poets;
Flaming flamingo inspires today. Enjoy!

The New Commons Summons Summit

Gaming faces in flames races to be worthy of the best
All time greatest tastes long stated remains close to the vest
Powers of the center remove commoners with low lying lasers
Lazy joy converges outdoors coauthors newer naysayers

Defining moments of star-making glean new machinery
Crowded affection arrested rests by taking in greenery
Timely fine fabrics continually get the golden girl treatment
Goes forward sketches on without bothering to balance an easement

Economical cries as far as conical comics can yell
Sediment builds while sentiment sinks deep into a well
Captured elements of old museum entitlement buildings
Kettle cooking the building blocks of old settled siblings

Just ahead beautifully worded stains glass with ability
Drops to a matter of core concepts feigning sisterly stability
What happens and how it feels as if it's destined to be
Rising moments elicit talks in an already futile insincerity

Note the story in ways beyond a scene of two or three
As you would like it or wish the extinction of simply to be
No race on the headstone or reason to look back and see
Exploitation to win adjusts with very little sympathy

Estranged from logic the time of work nights sing
Divorced from control brings a flight of bling-bling
Split the difference on the stronger but be the unlucky few
Comes with consensual tropical cyclone and renewable cue

No repeats now those are the new house rules
Age appropriate behavior troubles its own long lost clues
The test of the dream is in the way of its words
When unlamented truths of old, simply drop their swords

Enter the thread where cold thoughts lay bare
In the throes of the technical without a cold factory floor's care
Winds up quitting time whistles only preppy goofballs remain
Sustainable system's instability brings you all in from the rain

Tropical Photo Poetry

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kuhio Beach near Waikiki Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Kuhio Beach inspires today. Enjoy!

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Waikiki Sky

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki sky inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Image Echo

More than a voice calls from the wilderness
Chores and choices bewilder the next guess
Repetition's landing guides orientation
Casting a pall in the same glorious nation

Golden indeed or so they stay in action
Images energize strategy only to gain traction
Typecast shadows cast as a paltry salt shaker
Synergy of strategy links memory's deal maker

Single salient strong points enters the fray
Dereliction centers while cameras sway
The filming of stupidity comes with its own cost
With organizer geezers convinced you are lost

Long shiny tables so far from these jungles
Neighborliness a rash of breezy bungles
Bugles call across silenced battles and fields
Wandering around talkative they still rattle shields

Adventure is the only reason you show up here
Still linking yourself to that same old fear
Your take on life leaves a few marbles on the table
Confuse those musings still if you are able

A number of sunny numbers articulate strength
Then knows when to go if uttered beyond length
Easing into an essay may bring calm to the fore
Yet the sounds of her voice lasts longer than before

Those tugs you can't deny leave you visibly shaken
In overviews of thunder horribly mistaken
Out there on the edge way beyond means
Articulates the structure of those next big dreams

Into the out back is only a setback
When solvency flees under another attack
Designer's dreams remain as open questions
As if only to explore the next few directions

The edge of somewhere is where your mind lives
From echo to memory you find gears to forgive
Just a phase they said but what do they know
As images edge closer echoes all aglow

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haven Maven

Aloha Poets,
Haven maven inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Gene Games

Last risky elements make a final approach
Watching from the distance not from coach
Only time will tell how lucky you are
As tension grows into the garden of bizarre

The beautiful unbeatable run up to skew
Many steps to tightness caution one step too few
Unpredictable predicament oozes a way in
Now cue the rescue and leave the rest to chagrin

Stumbling trouble signals success in sight
Old battles surface to shake off the blight
Getting to be said goes without going awry
Win with a kiss only to lose on the sly

Secret survival moments promise a cure
Desire exchanges in a night fire's demur
To say its not true elicits a response
Peace drifts in or just to leave the dance

The foothills of passion offer their lands
Gaining a foothold though is in bare hands
How much arrival can bravery stake
When hypocrisy's survival is all they make

A visit with flowers is no rescue whistle
Theirs is a love story abounding in thistle
Sure to agree in the sport of romance
Collared shirts and collard greens hold a dance

It's a thing of skill not wanting something king
Dreamy returnee and what they will bring
Something comes and somebody resists
Gene games rely on the grabbing of wrists

When all seems too late hear cries from the bottom
Power seizure holds fast in destiny's fathom
Negotiation flares dangers to unravel
Gamer of gene games over hot coals you travel

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tropical twitter

This is a great topic. Twitter is more of a buddy system search engine than a social network, offering a level playing field for personal tastes.

Aloha Poets,
A little chat about Twitter today. Enjoy!

You may find Lego Zombies if you tweet into the geek sites of BoingBoing
or Slashdot. Legislative tweets are mostly interns or helpers, so good luck on a serious reply there. If you like photo arrays, tweet PingWire.

Twitter is for the individual and.. is hanging in there as a great topic to join food, fashion, and mixed media in "lifestyle" conversations.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Aloha Poets,
Valentines Day inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Our Little Fireplace

You are the strong and the central event of my view
A fever pitch of sorts where my heart dances your hue
The strength of your structure is the songstress of fire
Where the length of banter becomes waterfalls of desire

Your actions plausible so direct and so pure
The causeway of crucible to reflect on what's sure
Even sunless places can trumpet the arrival of bliss
Witness a gray sky where winters go get a kiss

This quiet place seems so safe in seldom chilled blur
Not only for show, something will always occur
Inside our gentle pace ponders the pulse of event
Making stodgy points with a hum of incandescent

As olympic objects sort feelings in the midst of race
On the face of it a rough and tumble blunder chase
Reflecting pool wonders as you pass with such grace
Likeness befalls and beholds a flicker of beautiful face

Internal motion evokes the smoke of truth
A room at the inn stokes the hearth of youth
Pulsed reaches in warm climbs are held in place
On a stage along cold journeys you present your case

Excitement unfolds beyond shadowy tents
A fallout of feelings as crisis breaches to tense
Conflict dare not show in the light where faculties meet
Conclusions scatter among the patter of little feet

Resolutions die as a notion's moment heats
On their swift flight to the height of yet steeper feats
No need for interpreters in this common place
The story it tells alights each and every face

Slung over your shoulder as if swung open a door
The weight of those feelings more than lift for sure
The grounding of a stone rules this hearth's roost
Others seek socks of synagogues for said little boost

Those little changes remain the wonderment of all
Wobbly runs on icicles in circles thunder before fall
Yet one bright focus remains thread to lace
Intertwining calmly stills our little fireplace

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lost in Hawaii

Aloha poets,
This week's Lost episode shot in Hawaii. Enjoy!

The acting is definitely ramping into motion picture mode with the writers pumping a "rising tension" device into every miniscule decision (Sawyer leaving, Claire's hospital birth, Jack and the pill...).

The temple's leader is a famous actor (Hiroyuki Sanada) and looks unnaturally nervous on this set. His character (Dogen or Dogun) sounds like Shogun, amping the East v West theme. From the East view, of course he's a good guy unifier, purifier (eco, spiritual, political, social...)

Don't forget: Shogun traditionally is only a "tent commander," which means....temporary.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
Site of Island to Island for Haiti concert this Friday. Enjoy!

Thank You Anybody

We would like to extend our personal gratitude
And thank you for the most appropriate gift you sent us on our happy occasion
My wish is to extend our goodwill and appreciation
Your extra ordinary kindness prompts our expression of gratitude
Thank you for the kind mention of congratulations and the money you sent
As I write this letter, my heart fills with even more gratitude
To acknowledge your gift in a complimentary way is my earnest hope
As this song of thanks invites even more kindness
I would like to express my appreciation of thanks
It was extremely thoughtful of you to send us a wedding gift
We really appreciated the kindness you showed with the gift you sent
Your kind gift to our new family is most generous
We felt your kindness in a wonderful way
Please feel free to stay in touch as much as you like
Both of us were touched by your act of kindness
This is only a small personal note of gratitude for your generous gift
This is only a small note, short on words yet big on heart
It was very thoughtful of you to send your gift of kindness
In a reflection of ways both pleasant and brief
Your gift benefits us and lifts our heart
Your hospitality and kindness contributes in goodwill
We would like to extend our personal thanks
for the gift you sent us on our happy occasion
My hope is to extend our goodwill and appreciation into the future
Your extraordinary kindness prompts our expression of gratitude
Thank you sincerely friend, exactly this needed item will serve

Six Thanks

I would like to extend my personal gratitude for your gift.
I was delighted by your thoughtfulness. It will be
very useful to us in our life here in Hawaii. May the future bring
happiness to you.

Thank you for the nice present.
It was very thoughtful of you to send us a gift in kindness.
We will be very careful to use it properly in Hawaii
May the future offer many years of prosperity to you.

Thank you for the most appropriate gift you sent on our
happy occasion. Your kindness brought great joy to us.
I will use the gift diligently here in Hawaii.
May the future hold delight for our families.

Thank you for your nice gift! We were delighted.
I hope we may meet in the future.

Thank you for the nice present you sent.
Your kindness brought a smile to our faces. I am hoping we
will meet in the future.

Thank you for sending the nice gift. We will use
it thoughtfully. I hope we will meet in the future.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hawaii Photo Poems

Fish Flower

Aloha Poets,
Fish flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Cat Poet Tree

Disheartened tribe once deft to compete
Ventures to complete a simple little pleat
Apparent is the visual of all things apparel
Simple layouts of cloth sing a sparrow's carol

This cat occasionally bats a furry eye
His coat makes him that burly guy
Occasions may come and up a tree he may go
His usual life a featured feline fashion show

Flat front pants are now all the rage
He jumps and pants but never from inside a cage
Always kicking off to show something new
Steering clear of sheer fur ingenue

The want to convey a leg shape design
Catches on with this cat's taste for sublime
He's always kicking back, he's the select few
Depending on a trend with a slumbering mew

He sheds his defenses and then a few hairs
Fabric choices asleep ongoing cares
His little messages purr in poetic style
Dictated in the detail of cat's little smile

Trend spotting seems to be a thing of the past
He's a true indie with tastes sure to last
Kicking off something in a dish or a mat
Infrastructures hold for this fashion forward cat

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hawaii, Dakota, and New Hampshire

Aloha Poets,
Photo of Hawaii apartment building where the murderer of John Lennon worked as a night security officer late 1980. He killed John Lennon on December 8th, 1980 in front of John Lennon's Dakota apartment building in New York City. By his own admission he was inspired by reading JD Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" in the quiet of his own time. JD Salinger recently died of natural causes in New Hampshire. Poet John Lennon, rest in peace.

The Specter of Your Lexicon's Milieu

Distinguish yourself against troubled skies and all
At least for a time at least you can carry the ball
Perform amidst fortune's fire's new nuance
With God-given self esteem you do your little dance

Distinguish yourself where you are new to it
The scent of dying well gives you a clue to it
Being everything in all likelihood your family entrusted
Seeing anything beyond childhood fully encrusted

Distinguish yourself in the contestant council of cool
While on target aim a little higher than a drink by the pool
That distant status quo's no longer the right stuff
New repellant repeals the burly and the gruff

Distinguish yourself with your kitten and make a home
Ease the angst of those tracks you made alone
Nebulous that world where they bow from the balcony
Once booked now blocked by their own ball of baloney

Distinguish yourself amidst the angst of mist
Where itchy ear marks a lobby's eager gist
A stuffy nose may compose all that is true
Yet stuffy shirts sorely know what to do

Distinguish yourself above the rest who scream the facts
Outline a plan of growth nowhere close to those hacks
Spur to innovate in snap back full complement of chart
As you know, horses saddled gallop polls run with heart

Distinguish yourself at the exit ramp of crisis
The place where specters lexicon and milieu dices
Freedom floats its answers until something washes ashore
Leading contenders sink to swim for ever more

Distinguish yourself go slow but don't get fat
Whatever they got run over by, be that
Dodge a bullet, ride your horse, replace a shoe
Don't forget your specters, lexicons, and milieu
Distinguish yourself!

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