Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Aloha Poets,
Valentines Day inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Our Little Fireplace

You are the strong and the central event of my view
A fever pitch of sorts where my heart dances your hue
The strength of your structure is the songstress of fire
Where the length of banter becomes waterfalls of desire

Your actions plausible so direct and so pure
The causeway of crucible to reflect on what's sure
Even sunless places can trumpet the arrival of bliss
Witness a gray sky where winters go get a kiss

This quiet place seems so safe in seldom chilled blur
Not only for show, something will always occur
Inside our gentle pace ponders the pulse of event
Making stodgy points with a hum of incandescent

As olympic objects sort feelings in the midst of race
On the face of it a rough and tumble blunder chase
Reflecting pool wonders as you pass with such grace
Likeness befalls and beholds a flicker of beautiful face

Internal motion evokes the smoke of truth
A room at the inn stokes the hearth of youth
Pulsed reaches in warm climbs are held in place
On a stage along cold journeys you present your case

Excitement unfolds beyond shadowy tents
A fallout of feelings as crisis breaches to tense
Conflict dare not show in the light where faculties meet
Conclusions scatter among the patter of little feet

Resolutions die as a notion's moment heats
On their swift flight to the height of yet steeper feats
No need for interpreters in this common place
The story it tells alights each and every face

Slung over your shoulder as if swung open a door
The weight of those feelings more than lift for sure
The grounding of a stone rules this hearth's roost
Others seek socks of synagogues for said little boost

Those little changes remain the wonderment of all
Wobbly runs on icicles in circles thunder before fall
Yet one bright focus remains thread to lace
Intertwining calmly stills our little fireplace

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