Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hawaii, Dakota, and New Hampshire

Aloha Poets,
Photo of Hawaii apartment building where the murderer of John Lennon worked as a night security officer late 1980. He killed John Lennon on December 8th, 1980 in front of John Lennon's Dakota apartment building in New York City. By his own admission he was inspired by reading JD Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" in the quiet of his own time. JD Salinger recently died of natural causes in New Hampshire. Poet John Lennon, rest in peace.

The Specter of Your Lexicon's Milieu

Distinguish yourself against troubled skies and all
At least for a time at least you can carry the ball
Perform amidst fortune's fire's new nuance
With God-given self esteem you do your little dance

Distinguish yourself where you are new to it
The scent of dying well gives you a clue to it
Being everything in all likelihood your family entrusted
Seeing anything beyond childhood fully encrusted

Distinguish yourself in the contestant council of cool
While on target aim a little higher than a drink by the pool
That distant status quo's no longer the right stuff
New repellant repeals the burly and the gruff

Distinguish yourself with your kitten and make a home
Ease the angst of those tracks you made alone
Nebulous that world where they bow from the balcony
Once booked now blocked by their own ball of baloney

Distinguish yourself amidst the angst of mist
Where itchy ear marks a lobby's eager gist
A stuffy nose may compose all that is true
Yet stuffy shirts sorely know what to do

Distinguish yourself above the rest who scream the facts
Outline a plan of growth nowhere close to those hacks
Spur to innovate in snap back full complement of chart
As you know, horses saddled gallop polls run with heart

Distinguish yourself at the exit ramp of crisis
The place where specters lexicon and milieu dices
Freedom floats its answers until something washes ashore
Leading contenders sink to swim for ever more

Distinguish yourself go slow but don't get fat
Whatever they got run over by, be that
Dodge a bullet, ride your horse, replace a shoe
Don't forget your specters, lexicons, and milieu
Distinguish yourself!

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