Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haven Maven

Aloha Poets,
Haven maven inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Gene Games

Last risky elements make a final approach
Watching from the distance not from coach
Only time will tell how lucky you are
As tension grows into the garden of bizarre

The beautiful unbeatable run up to skew
Many steps to tightness caution one step too few
Unpredictable predicament oozes a way in
Now cue the rescue and leave the rest to chagrin

Stumbling trouble signals success in sight
Old battles surface to shake off the blight
Getting to be said goes without going awry
Win with a kiss only to lose on the sly

Secret survival moments promise a cure
Desire exchanges in a night fire's demur
To say its not true elicits a response
Peace drifts in or just to leave the dance

The foothills of passion offer their lands
Gaining a foothold though is in bare hands
How much arrival can bravery stake
When hypocrisy's survival is all they make

A visit with flowers is no rescue whistle
Theirs is a love story abounding in thistle
Sure to agree in the sport of romance
Collared shirts and collard greens hold a dance

It's a thing of skill not wanting something king
Dreamy returnee and what they will bring
Something comes and somebody resists
Gene games rely on the grabbing of wrists

When all seems too late hear cries from the bottom
Power seizure holds fast in destiny's fathom
Negotiation flares dangers to unravel
Gamer of gene games over hot coals you travel

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