Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flaming Flamingo

Aloha Poets;
Flaming flamingo inspires today. Enjoy!

The New Commons Summons Summit

Gaming faces in flames races to be worthy of the best
All time greatest tastes long stated remains close to the vest
Powers of the center remove commoners with low lying lasers
Lazy joy converges outdoors coauthors newer naysayers

Defining moments of star-making glean new machinery
Crowded affection arrested rests by taking in greenery
Timely fine fabrics continually get the golden girl treatment
Goes forward sketches on without bothering to balance an easement

Economical cries as far as conical comics can yell
Sediment builds while sentiment sinks deep into a well
Captured elements of old museum entitlement buildings
Kettle cooking the building blocks of old settled siblings

Just ahead beautifully worded stains glass with ability
Drops to a matter of core concepts feigning sisterly stability
What happens and how it feels as if it's destined to be
Rising moments elicit talks in an already futile insincerity

Note the story in ways beyond a scene of two or three
As you would like it or wish the extinction of simply to be
No race on the headstone or reason to look back and see
Exploitation to win adjusts with very little sympathy

Estranged from logic the time of work nights sing
Divorced from control brings a flight of bling-bling
Split the difference on the stronger but be the unlucky few
Comes with consensual tropical cyclone and renewable cue

No repeats now those are the new house rules
Age appropriate behavior troubles its own long lost clues
The test of the dream is in the way of its words
When unlamented truths of old, simply drop their swords

Enter the thread where cold thoughts lay bare
In the throes of the technical without a cold factory floor's care
Winds up quitting time whistles only preppy goofballs remain
Sustainable system's instability brings you all in from the rain

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