Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waikiki Sky

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki sky inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Image Echo

More than a voice calls from the wilderness
Chores and choices bewilder the next guess
Repetition's landing guides orientation
Casting a pall in the same glorious nation

Golden indeed or so they stay in action
Images energize strategy only to gain traction
Typecast shadows cast as a paltry salt shaker
Synergy of strategy links memory's deal maker

Single salient strong points enters the fray
Dereliction centers while cameras sway
The filming of stupidity comes with its own cost
With organizer geezers convinced you are lost

Long shiny tables so far from these jungles
Neighborliness a rash of breezy bungles
Bugles call across silenced battles and fields
Wandering around talkative they still rattle shields

Adventure is the only reason you show up here
Still linking yourself to that same old fear
Your take on life leaves a few marbles on the table
Confuse those musings still if you are able

A number of sunny numbers articulate strength
Then knows when to go if uttered beyond length
Easing into an essay may bring calm to the fore
Yet the sounds of her voice lasts longer than before

Those tugs you can't deny leave you visibly shaken
In overviews of thunder horribly mistaken
Out there on the edge way beyond means
Articulates the structure of those next big dreams

Into the out back is only a setback
When solvency flees under another attack
Designer's dreams remain as open questions
As if only to explore the next few directions

The edge of somewhere is where your mind lives
From echo to memory you find gears to forgive
Just a phase they said but what do they know
As images edge closer echoes all aglow

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