Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rosetta Grown

Aloha Poets,
Rosetta grown inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Fictional Trick

How you were and are only adds to this story
Awakened chaos tastes like natto and nori
Top ten moments in your life take center stage
You build the campfires slowly as they turn the page

Diamonds in the dirt always depend on the finders
Trek is the expo as dialogue wears scene blinders
Embedded deadheads move to the aft like before
Claws drawn upon flaws answer at a darkened backdoor

A ripple effect shows to be only for once and for now
Vantage points seek to obscure a bandage somehow
Placed inside a larger context of oceans of notion
Eventualities unfurl pole dances into perpetual motion

Placed in a world of untimely bibs and disguises
Our little friend confides, chides, and devises
Hammered out softly to battle affective rejections
Holds onto hats in effective jet seat ejections

Say it all nice in glass shards of living green
As deadly earth quacks through filters they scream
Lines of detention form and fade at square one
The art of reclusion falls under a shadow of sun

Reasons for conflict once spurned and scurried
Deflected volleys twice burned are now hurried
Shaken off weight grabs for a more saucy dance
From poets and writers formerly known as Audience

Ok so I lied now you must trust me unreliable
As more unruly ripples rip through to the undeniable
Go back to the start deck with your disaffected duck
What happens next is they will all wish you luck

Focused wit lands on very broad shoulders
Straight forward ways carry very large boulders
Clandestine candles may lead on to be venerable
Though finding new tolerances makes you untenable

Telltale body language grabs by the tail
In forces that rattle but never tattletale
Replace yourself now go shovel probe a new landing
For the art of reclusion you'll need a new branding

Go it alone out there just to see if someone cares
Bench and retrench those embedded rescue flares
The crucible for movement with its unending stare
Cherishes the chemist your blank desk and hard chair

Pains you for pleasure this quest source that powers
A timely tactic test finds you up at late hours
Turning tides of citywide cyanide in shadows bedevil
As writers formerly known as Audience treks onward disheveled

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