Monday, March 1, 2010

Palms Friendly Fronds

Aloha Poets,
Palms friendly fronds inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Unearthed Near Thunder Blues

The inner life of romance comes for a short stay
Golden moments of tomorrow have yet to play
Conveniences of convention arrive to nest
Tempted fate too late at best is anybody's guess

Wildernesses whimsically call out for their unborn child
Incontrovertible races chase convertibles from wet to wild
A contortionist's cartoonist broadly balloons away
Signature events in the end makes them come back to stay

The wait in actuality outweighs in a fast approach
In time the new find will be too meager to broach
The wish is for the best but then again who ever knows
Dominant defender for all those who wish to play dominoes

Indistinguishable is that fire at the edge of your garden hose
Focuses shift to the scrappy as the wild choses from all those
Apply a trait as if off your plate onto a canvas with theme
Orchestrated action needs a caption and a captain's team

Art unthinkable with its monopolistic twist now enters
Openings spent in due diligent outside the window centers
The perceptions is reactionaries fought a rough tough turf war
Tweak a snippet innovate a puppet and swing a profit once more

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