Friday, March 26, 2010

Coral Reef 3010

Aloha Poets,
Coral reef inspires today. Enjoy!

White Coral Green Seas Orange Skies

Cult of responsibility makes less money
Family survival on the line's not funny
What benefit in making all you possibly can?
With iron dust wasteland across sea span

Though they say you never live to expect
Tired old rules beyond a hunt and peck
Stall the green tide long as best you can
Fish make quiet homes under sea span

Dust lead once paint for the show of it all
Coral reef looks around to hear last call
Deeper life depends on pincer and fin
Food is the livelihood as reef collapse in

Old call of the known keeps pulling to stay
Urges to become further us back in the day
Ramped up behaviors yet gone in a flash
On a drive for the good how does bad crash?

Reefs creep to oblivion in silent splash zones
Blue poverty strikes in hopes of new homes
Slippage reneges as hunger flashes forward
Familiarity pulling us back not to grow foward

To vanish in print revolves around egos
Cold banishments just watch as sea goes
Calm and quiet inoffensive offshore reef
Extinction's blink leaves no time to for grief

Excitement beckons here on vast lands
While coral bows to silent winter hands
Is snowball earth the only true answer?
Survival of reefs remains our true dancer

Bottoms up a toast for further expedition
In trades for diamonds of coral rendition
Scraped up mounds drug across ocean floor
Bottom dwellers hunker extinction at their door

High life of action to development of coastal
Shallow seas of hope as runoff runs off postal
Climate change saw temperature new seas rise
3010 white coral green seas orange skies

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