Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wood Bench and Drum

Aloha Poets,
Bench, drum, and volcano fog (Vog) inspire today. Enjoy!

Sparks Red on Sea of Blue

It's one of those calls you just have to respond to
Anxiety falls when the brink of blue ponds call you
Cheered up by the churn of that cool little world
Dead sleepy sending painful drops into sunshine swirl

Fear and anxiety once called dimensional impropriety
So close across that fuzzy line from oblivious society
The sound of song birds grow enamored into your face
Yet one altered pitch sends a negative itch to that place

About as direct a conduit as one easily can do it
Learning to live turns on a dime as you cue it
The ability to stay is a sort of stability in a way
Thrill of it all is you make the call to see it all sway

Going hard to be a fool to good times already spent
Now knowing what they meant by timely predicament
Those fears in stressful guilt strut to cut off all zoom
And get into the hunt to consume your latest costume

Take it all in as just another interpretational bliss
Curtail the last curtain call then try to get a kiss
Interpretations found are your next staging ground
So many plans abound to gift wrap your mind around

Whole hearted on your behalf gets a laugh or two
Love sparks red out in a cool sea of blue
Let's make history and try another first attempt
At trying to grow uncomfortable or be unkempt

Ambiguous enough through the next little rough dew
Comes with a new meaning in mornings with you
All dreams clutch so much and your little touch too
Now nearly a navy of blue gets us comfy as two

Our new hot songs spring into fast action
Vacation at hot springs justify a little distraction
Inside your arrest zone sleeps a midas touch
Even our subtribes subscribe to love and such

So surrendered are we by our warm charm
Our swat team to breach the cold of life's swarm
Serious lapses extract our hearts from their glue
As honey sparks red in our sea of blue

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