Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ambience Ambulance

Aloha Poets,
Ambience ambulance inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Ambience Ambulance

Victims of circumstance incapacitate true losses ostensibly
Who needs needy wheels instilling silliness into costly sensibilities?
Musing smooth over a misusing asks if we really did hear it
Embarked on a journey where physics meets up with spirit

Tousled hair and swirly looks all to the party we would bring
Our brains with other plans to bring a standstill to destiny's thing
Biology builds the future and with little steadfast assistance
Filling voids of chilly vacuum with gels of warmth in coexistence

Lifetimes of literate independent pendants join in the conversation
Resourceful status wins over visual appeal on the verge of elation
Sales pitching sails in places where convergence catches wind
Responsibility finds a tail it stalking from where it's been

Wondering how you ended here with more concerns out there
Unexpected routes tout headlong in lengths cut thread bare
Scanning for assets and new assertions finds nothing for certain
Strong beginnings hide bloodlust in bottles rinsed behind a curtain

Destinations search for a new start as scenarios tilt askew
Ancient attractions wire beauty's softness covet songs in blue
Youthful gait with ineptitude still game the system of late
Options of opinion opine to open experience's frozen gate

Prolongations of antagonism invoke roads a few bumps ahead
Pretending contingency tinges and runs as funny toads all fed
Serving up truth with vermouth tends to pull it back in again
There in corner booths they go back to a life they could win

There it goes again a little whim striking within good measure
Inflammation's infatuation goes to find what it should treasure
Plans printed on palms overshadow smiles on wide stretchy beaches
Not one critical thought of a loved one's drought in creamy peaches

Animal magnetism settles obstacles ostensibly for repair
Salsa sails in passions of love for distant South Seas fare
Elvis elves let biology catch up with each other's own true love
Wanderlust bottles ambulance ambience for future use from above

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