Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lovebird Preferred

Aloha Poets,
Happy second day of Spring! Lovebird preferred inspires today's love poem. Enjoy!

Jump a Journey to Love

Into the abyss starts the beginning
Familiarity breeds in thoughts of winning
Is this greatness or just a little spatter?
Or fate's nest carving another new latter

Stand as we do where starters overlook
Into valleys where deep tremors once shook
Power concoction in anticipation's eyes
As the pride inside chafes at compromise

To give birth to advantage motherhood toils
Masters of quirk beyond the shadow of royals
Changed by a processes initiated in growth
Dormant modern times hope best for both

To go with the urge destination to be named
To sing love's praises so persistently gamed
A response so sudden described as internal
Conquers fear as you make survival eternal

So much the fury and messiness of fight
The focus to protect blows steam at night
Children will play amid stern little twist
A bagged little convert at night to be kissed

To evade those desolations you called the past
With no care of direction or duration to last
Tedium washes need as doormats clamp up
Envision to evade then a convert when a pup

Dominance rules built away from consensus
Emerging from the lowly as ruffled condenses
Life and death hold hands as priorities alter
Liberating discretion of any chance to falter

Still rearing an upbringing, child ghost of a past
So busily involved the one who makes it last
Inside battles rage is your chance to remember
As the need to tailor flies its flag of surrender

Can all costs in flight be so lightly taken?
Strengths of startle resonate when shaken
Single minds focus on that from which to escape
Sweet encumbered lumber is slumber's final take

To sleep now would defy the ancient gene's mission
Profound conflict in birth of independence's fission
Motherhood squalls asking where tasks went
In present pressure points permitted to vent

To get paid and then get up to trot
Mind bend a little to give activity a shot
Motherhood candidates pray passage from above
Past ridges of contention jump a journey of love

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