Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hut With a View

Aloha Poets,
Hut with a view inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Port-au-Prince Port of Call

Dream me on where once was a song offshore
Drums beyond the ocean's roar, I heard it once more
Candles and vigils the world handles and stands still for
In the sun off the shore on this deck, I heard it once more

Legend rolls beyond the shoals of quiet sunny days
Waves of sorrow roil beyond and hide in those bays
They say you made your own fate there back at your home
Out here on the water they play and just say leave it alone

Cruise me out there on the ocean just take me away
Stake your pride in me just one little ride is all I pray
Life's furry little edifier arrived then scurried along
A little stench became entrenched where once was song

Shallow steeples lie bare next to the bones
To follow this shore where once there were so many homes
There in the hills still so many still inch along in a pinch
While here on this ship people snack and sip punch

The world wonders where it is they should now call home
Each one together a new journey set out yet so alone
Survival cries for attention yet just throws it a bone
Super hearts watch as their long ships creak and groan

Anchors of life on land stooped in sick rancor's sway
Look to what befalls port of call now quickly anchors aweigh
Lounge chair slips aboard deck of no laziness lack
As sickness cries for help in fields fall flakiness flak

Mirror mires in admiration for all the world to see
Watch yourself dance on this expanse of beautiful sea
Sordid veneer of societal steer to see more just off that pier
Peer pressure appears and veers near dear vacationer's beer

Don't they believe we believe in those of which they grieve?
This ship is so big we dance and take a swig should we just leave?
To find a footing in this powerful wave of despair
Don''t they know we care out here about them over there?

Beach chair of perch look out there at what once was a church
Weights of the world try to barter their way to fight the lurch
Those who stay beyond shore's tattered fray bid anchors aweigh
Kind of princely in a pricey way that twelfth day on the bay

Aboard ship's whims acrobatic gyms of Astoria offer a bath
Scoff and shuffle bored at the hoard fighting the aftermath
Get more attuned to those, try to attend the tender politely
Fend off spasms of anxiety in the sun off the shores of society

From this deck chair I float pineapple in my rum
Night's fires off shore in dark hills sing and beat a drum
Beach resort right here on this deck's edge with a crew
In this vast view is the world made up of so far and few?

I heard it once more that drum or a gun above the shore
Listening to my blast from the past I heard it again once more
A little beach frolic, lollipop dollop in the beauty of sun and sand
Out there they plan a command to forge man's humanity to man

Enjoy the beach with all it entails, beyond the bay crumbled jails
Smiles reassess to stand in concentrations of this land of sails
Secluded enclave rustic module sweeping views is your slave
Still the land reassesses to stand a marginal plan then just wave

Dream me on where once was a song offshore
That drum above the shore there I heard it once more
Those candles and vigils the world still stands for
In the sun off the shore I heard it again once more

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