Sunday, January 3, 2010

Star Crossed Critter

Aloha Poets,
The way a character speaks is dialectt. Great writers create dialect in the mind rather than splashed on the written page. Let's explore dialect today. Enjoy!

Journey Home

The best case scenario still bleeds you
Props you up on a schedule that needs you
Sure it takes care of business and feeds you
To get free and clear of the title that deeds you

Turn your life around bring it back to the house
Toss another log on the fire to douse
Are you really on for a date with your hunch?
Or is this the show where you'll be getting punk'd

All this work all this hope and to finish this way
From the big fort you went forth with the old cliche'
Gorgeous looks play hard-to-get, you got a shot
Every blitz in the book gives you another look to be hot

On your whim, scheme a dream team then thank it
Try to cover that sleeping baby with a warm blanket
Throughout recent memory old references just keep citing
When the final dagger arrives, just go home, the fish are biting

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