Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting The Good Stuff

Aloha Poets,
Like this bee, readers want to get to the good stuff. Well-written dialogue magically morphs into your reader's dialogue. Let's explore well-written dialogue today. Enjoy!

Skate Bitten Blues

Sultry stalemates come alive
With a bystander's will to thrive
The strong stay up to stupefy
Skate bitten let's ride

Bitter chills crack the seam
Bitter pills take the steam
Bed of permanences remain mean
Skate bitten we make the scene

Snake bitten gets a grip
Cake walks take a trip
Ride the edge of reality
Skate bitten mettles ofmalady

Have a little conference
Get a lot of confidence
Presto stuns impresario
Skate bitten goes for show

Banish a gaggle of juggled geezers
Catch those flat-footed teasers
Trickery evokes a real crowd pleaser
Skate bitten gets for public seizure

Investigate an alligator
Instigate an elevator
Allocate alleged offenders
Skate bitten fends of pretenders

Skate bitten surveys formation
Kite ridden portrays elation
Periodically show of levitation
Skate bitten cruiser nation

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