Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Passion Pink Disguise

Aloha Poets,
Good fiction always finds trouble, early and often. Let's find trouble in our poetry today. Enjoy!

Elucidate the Vision

Love wealth and courage and that's a good thing
When at the sliding door to hell someone does ring
You expect a resounding "no" in a heartbeat and a breath
Instead a tarnished star from being yes'd to death

Unsettling reliance on all but a small mouthful
Trajectory of what might have been or was forever doubtful
Treat yourself on the town to a statistical probability
In the hot seat of crashing with a lover and a tree

Fashionable rehab elucidates the vision
All was well up to and including the collision
Border on torture with a shaved tattoo
Celebrity class was once a veritable who's who

Multiple doctors so as the tortured behaves
Toxic transformers hiding behind beehives
Undertake a speaking tour or an undertaker

Celebrity jumps on board, any takers?

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