Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atoll's Toll

Aloha Poets,
Atoll's toll inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Fashion Hot

A funny screen splashes with a fun old movie flash
Opinion pieces in fashion and no downtrodden backlash,
Redouble the doubt in perpetuity at vanity fair
As I sit wild eyed beside the aisle there in my chair

Prominent secrets approach from all four sides
Scotching ideas and dreaming, skipping like brides
Can the fashion of plenty ends the concept of trend?
Silhouette shadows where once left out, now begin

Those runaway runway looks look headed for the heap
A new sighting of tidal waves beckons goggles and jeep
Can somebody really see themselves dressed that way?
To save the system, quick toss doctrines, make some hay

A loss of vital signs takes its fashion lender's lead
Smokes out the tribal and watches runways bleed
In repeated vows of spontaneity and creative thought
Marshmallow pitchforks run fast and fashion hot

Are we really witnessing the concept-of-trend's end?
Flashing discrete messages to flesh it out once again?
Instant take-aways flare amidst the discontented
And championing quests no longer remain cemented

Amidst the angst and all the roil stands the iconic runway
Creativity bubbles up doubly doable now comes to play
Personal tribe we see, in the making comes to stay
You see yourself like that then simply dress that way

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