Saturday, January 30, 2010

Citadel Palms

Aloha Poets,
Citadel palms inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Stay and Make It Go Ding-a-Ling

Deep imprints of solid golden events
Blur and focus in its memory movements
Hoping for a miracle to be able to tell
This side of the story as if inside a cell

Could I have ever seen what was coming my way?
In multiple excursions they must have wanted their say
The light of later life shines the light plain as day
Fact finding missions come back into play

A simple request, the pleasure of your eyes
Amazing gaze graces so thin your disguise
Back again as a martyr, we all thought left
With discovery of voice so clear and so deft

So light and wispy, not TV thick
Remembering seemingly everything surely lights the wick
From happy time laps to situational thunder
Old efforts of writing we prefer to put asunder

Precedence thinkers can tell you here's the thing
Coupled in concrete a distant bell lets freedom ring
Talking back on paper makes it go ding-a-ling
Doodling not dawdling ups it to a Dong-Ding!

A nice quiet chair needs no convoluted plot
Just a little stillness to gather some thought
Right or wrong as an answer need not apply
Up to you it is your choice to turn a blind eye

Pole vault the polls focus on your own words
Scare yourself into a loud crowd of nerds
Angelic forces lead the battle to presumed remains
Lowering your guard-up to exhume the pains

Unique innards make their final reckoning
Revisionist history makes its beckoning
Shod in no fancy clod hip hopper
Sustainable thought written, the last hill topper

We go deep with back story uncover a lie
Could get a little ugly and that's no sugar high
Sustainable thinking or situational thunder
Give it some thought, for one takes you under

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