Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ode to a Furry Little Sidekick

My little buddy, my best little friend
Follows me around from wherever I've been
This love affair can truly take its toll
With inadvertent games of whack-a-mole

Little quirky gaming ways we adopt
We play inside though outdoors we opt
So little and so sweet my cuddly little friend
Where rough and tumble, takes it on the chin

My buddy comes back like a true gamer
Already knowing I'm no lion tamer
Life's great symphony with a little accompaniment
Sidekick knows when a kick's not what I meant

Follows me around near the ground all afoot
Little heart glows never treated like soot
In this little house we're both part of the chase
Dogging for dodgeball can get you stepped on the face

Furry little shadow lights up with a hum
Can't always know which directions come from
Little stalker's grown into my personal spy
Playing rag tag can get you in the eye

Follows my trail leaves a silent track
Plays whack-a-mole with one turn of the back
No truer companion have I ever felt
No luckier game left a more silent welt

Events remain told among close friends
Ask for forgiveness hope my heart mends
I love the little guy with heart and soul
Lest accidental games of whack-a-mole

Attending my needs to play and have fun
Little buddy again scampers my little chum
Feet go flying little fuzzy got bounced
Striking resemblance something wild pounced

Collision of affection crossed our path
Found myself chasing into the aftermath
Playing around with this chancy little dance
Waits in the wings for another chance

Not a disaster by any stretch of event
A little misadventure just a little accident
Put out a call for friends to weigh in
A little misfortune or a home wrecking sin?

There was never a thrashing just a little swat
Neither a wallop nor much of a spat
My little assistant companion escort
Loyal squire friendly helper's cohort

The caper on the carpet just a frisky little dance
Jumpy little frolic turned tumbling prance
We surely like to play and rollick with romps
Skip and fumble with requested little stomps

Periodically now and then you might say
My furry little clown, we still play each day
Companionship and fun is our simple goal
And from time to time do play whack-a-mole

Started so sincere simple unintentional
In our small little space we control unconventional
We play together, immense affection we dole
Never destroyed by accidental whack-a-mole


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