Monday, January 25, 2010

Sea Horse Dragon

Aloha Poets,
Sea horse dragon inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Lava Cliff's Cement Strip Rail

Nothing better than a drizzle off rotten rock
Where technology's democracy merges in shock
Attitudinal climbing maintains nature's close ties
Dead to rights to deal with a clamor up blue skies

A love of this mountain is a bridge to somewhere
Stunned by interchanges the enamored goes nowhere
Less forgiving rotten rock signals emergency drop
Hippie chick up there with a dairy diary prop

Creatures living on land but hunt in these waters
Mountain trail dumps less forgiving what matters
Spigot divot walls off only for the living's buck wit a bang
Adventurers fashion passion off rocky cliff over hang

Earth here comes full of holes piton tumbler
Opening gambit an auction of blunder
Dump the backstroke to do a little foraging
Volcanic rocks hot with porridge rigging

Unrepentant tent is a smoky lady
Full of holes rocky cliff fashion crazy
Terrain in the rain a little bit bumpy
Tumbles on the news to a stomach pit grumpy

Steep drop off cracked and crumpled
Yet another savvy title lies mumbled
Loose rocks steep ridge to lose fast footing
Bring the climatic, wrap a reader get cooking

Almost from the get go less commercial
Volcanic crumbs runout of rope's rehearsal
Maintain close ties with a mountain trail
Tumble on the news of earth cement strip ra

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