Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepy Dude

Aloha Poets,
Plot in writing means to get a character out of the mud, but first you have to get in the mud. Let's write with the idea of plot today. Enjoy!

Illusion Alliance

Dodge the notion of no escape
Emblazon the lions in winter's cape
A golden time heeds your choice
Starting out with a willing voice

Discrepancy's judge carries a gun
Self-induced trance tarries in fun
Tender creamy notes mince no words
Rest upon no more wince the worlds

Honesty tonight beds with the future
Yet to unfold toward couture
Intimate whispers build their answer
As dark events enter chancier

In the mist a surrounding fairy tale
Yet tell-tale signs never turn tail
Ride the horse that melds the story
Pathetic prophetic wins its glory

Time is the illusion that waits for none
Chimes of fusion inside the sun
Shiny impressions gait across sand
Time is the illusion with the plan

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