Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spooky Rain Fruit

Aloha poets,
     Colors and figurines in tropical waters appear as rain fruit, inspire
today's tropical halloween season poetry. Enjoy!

A Future Transient Technique

Journeys extend into discovery's search of golden ages
Transit method waits for stars to slightly dim the pages
Something out there waits in ninety five megapixel winds
First of the new earth to emit carbon power heat shield bins

Ions super heat to interact with electron density solar clouds
Microwave variable plasma accelerates magneto shrouds
This they say is how we will travel away from earth
Turbo charge microwave oven technology's birth

Explore the flow of solar energy's architectural structure
Using proxy probes, charged particles, picture rupture
Critical clues circle earth each other on comet entry
Star wobble red-blue shift infra-red photo gentry

Solar corona mass ejections compounds on Saturn moon
Optical remote solar instrument space probes come soon
Infra red photo directs a laser into passing comet tails
Finds glycine amino acids on frozen hydrogen rails

Tiny molecules in the atmosphere used as ion engine
Xenon electrical field propel spaceships' new legend
Helio-seismic electric magnetic imager sees inside sun
Explores with flow of solar energy's remote sensor gun

copyright 10.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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