Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rainforest Industrial

Aloha poets,
     Rainforest tastes and industrial design inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Zero Luck

Code over-valued is a spending growth leader
Simply add a value to be a customer bleeder
Brainwashers like talking of only one thing
Ideologists add tongue twisters just for bling

A chance to be a hero if you go by the book
Meeting for muffins gets you a certain look
Chilean miners who jump out into the light
Say of minders, "We're no halloween fright"

Things that matter are always still right here
Chance to be a hero is no chance for a beer
Literature ponders history's fancy showing
Music and mystery keeps a heart glowing

Support an ideology with a ring of a bell
Keep a constant cool to maintain clientele
Babies, puppies, plucky children and kids
Strongly veiled virginal look offers its bids

Teasing is inappropriate when you're all in
Serious look is better than a tonic or a gin
A detonation mechanism or a happy duck?
Smiles on your face always trump zero luck

copyright 11.02.10
patrick d.adams
all right reserved

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