Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sleepy Kitten Cloud

Aloha poets,
     Can you see a sleepy kitten in these clouds?
Inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Christmas Chiasmas

Repeated thankfulness is Christmas re-versed
A clear cool message takes no rhetoric rehearsed
Justice departments of love seek to join no lawsuit
America as a power for the good gives the true hoot

The word sword cuts to play both ways
Can have you backwards in a swing and sways
A first salvo sets out to try to remedy that
Substantial traditions exhibit accessories a fat cat

Sword is the ghost writer of words in destiny
Necessary ambiguity betokens manifest festivity
Inspiration's slinking arrival is prolific
Politics slithers to finesse the scientific

Willful indistinctness is an old crudge mudgeon
A fool's chore rides wild within its dungeon
Modern apostle is a book manifest
Destiny's pragmatism the dusty test

Policymakers, evangelists gather on the screen
Instruct for industriousness sight unseen
Distastes for the rarefied refries in beans
In selections of examples of what it all means

Indebtor inheritors collect tools to split atoms, words
Curated exhibits poise the expressive v shards
The Artless Effect brings us all back to a beginning
Christmas chiasmas seek everyone winning

copyright 12.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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