Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Good Poet

The Free Thinker

     Cooper was now thinking this through. He thinks, It was the Tigress that approached him as if  religious representation--enlarged eyes, thin figure, skin as if she wore a natural robe. He crosses his thoughts over to the right side of his brain and gives more thought. At this moment, this nanosecond, he could be sitting around a campfire somewhere. He has enough knowledge of primitive art--stiff and naïve (at least in the realm of a pragmatic survival). For a time in ancient history, art depicted only the animals (food?) running wild, in groups Was this the art that heralded the onset of genetic perspective and, soon after, the god gene must have emerged, right? By the 21stCentury, the secrets of icons spouted off--the most ancient of artistic traditions and considered by those ancient peoples the most powerful art--in arrays across the internets, then after that, with the surge of TV, comes the rise of brands. If it goes much further, faith and humility will have a fight on their hands, but for the moment, and for the near future, Cooper will remain here (as a free thinker?). He is a remnant entity, a remnant of a lost republic, really, from a not-so-distant past when republics were defined by their geography.

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