Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Good Poet

The Ideology

Here in this jungle she had measured and distinguished, she had categorized and classified, and  here her intelligence had detected life's urge to order, organize and, categorize the world with her combination of syntax language, formal math, and sciences, clustering all three of these into her fuzzy, uncertainty-powered intelligence, its unending inventiveness—optimized as useful functions of opportunity, achieving the greatest goals for the least cost. She solved the age-old problem of making very clear the question to be answered (yes, articulation of the problem brings natural, clear answers). Suzi had seen the DNA molecule, the double helix, helical architecture as theNature's virtual necklace, the double helix, barely held together by weak forces; the form of the double helix as a pattern with a power to express language beyond itself, beyond its own pure rational choices.  Doesn't it just get down to a gift system, a pattern of reciprocity? The material manifestation of the forms created by the DNA molecule has come and gone, but the durability of the forms to be recreated remains as instructions within its structure. The durability of earth as the entity Nth(E.A.T.E.N.) remains in the double helix—as the director of optimal function(D.O.O.F.). The ideology of structure remains, even though the structures themselves may fall away, its ideology remains. 

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