Monday, April 5, 2010

Kindness Kindles

Aloha Poets,
Kindness kindle inspires today. Enjoy!

Freedom as Love

Real time is a better place to be
Rest assured with personal reality
Exacting places with their time
Expressed in accord alittle rhyme

Life legs up old journey hill and dale
Expressions reflect in from the pale
Choices once made on mountain top
Faces of kindness choose to adopt

Out on the desert whether it be
Or under shelter of solitary tree
Whispers recall travail with banshee
Quiet beach will set some free

Perceptions elude as memories fall
Reactions settle as roars waterfall
Creation of words stumble along
Her facial expression inspires his song

Tasty desire seeks a little more
Events pose as an undone chore
Memories captured seldom hide
Behind faces with personal pride

Incompleteness stands and is counted
Trust never blurs, stays always mounted
Surroundings speak in own native tongue
As journeys pass beyond seasons won

Capture the laugh of a falling leaf's love
Defined by a moment in time's extra glove
Wistful sunsets seize on a sultry daze
Far beyond where a churchyard prays

Slow dow a bit then go a little deep
Listen to oceans awake from a sleep
Backdrops to be seen and felt your way
Still they hear cries from across the bay

Grateful for taking simplicity's turn
Even annoyance can soothe to burn
To learn of self as a desire for good
All animal's legs run as they should

Eventuality stirs but time doesn't care
Only receptions by those who were there
Consensus has ways to stain with salves
Who gauges frames and turns the valves?

Daily routines surely have legs
A time-sensing face never begs
Intuition requires only simple gifts
Environment steadies a spirit to lift

Clarity arrives at the party a little late
Only to find its imperfect inner gate
Acts of kindness can feel really rough
Fear forces the hand to make it tough

Life sometimes makes total sense
Still they heard crying over a fence
Justification enters for all to view
All faces hold strong long on cue

Speaking directly to sources at hand
Inner voice fights dialogues across land
Honest perception brings beauty's dove
Decisive acceptance guides freedom as love

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