Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water Mountain

Aloha Poets,
Mountain across the water inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Ice Volcano

Misplaced mythical creative shepherd sway
Magma composition shares the joy of day
In sleek aspiration ice fire systems in place
To shepherd on time her wisdom and grace

Such a bold flight into the bright of day
Penultimate underpinnings ocean rift sway
Trots out now for all the world to see
Eyjafjallajokull floodbug Icelandic debris

In knowledge of role she surely roiled it out
Eruption of impact ice water boiled spout
Supporting characters glacier rushing water
Basaltic to silica a shiny granite daughter

Dismantles glaciers as to share the joy
Lava flow on marshy ground fountains ahoy
Paths less taken between air traffic and farmers
Eyjafjallajokull now the latest of charmers

Ash cloud floats to migrate further east
Eruptions under ice caps new visual feast
Shirks no deadline magma flashes to steam
Eyjafjallajokull on time outburting earth's seam

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