Sunday, April 18, 2010

flash fiction

Aloha poets,
Flash fiction from my novel, "The Outpost." Enjoy!

...a nature's heaven...

Florescent mists gather in the distance as parched granite dust clouds from the volcanoes pass silent on the south horizon. Darkness settles.
The tigress rests on the mountain floor, a steamy setting of tropical thickets. Giant ferns dance against the wetness. Koa and Monkey Pod trees stand majestic, hopeful, now host to a silent audience, ghosts of millions of creatures who once lived here.
Suddenly, a presence is sensed in the banyan grove. The tigress discards her sleep as if instantly disrobing. A reddish gaze emerges in her eyes from deep fires. She comes out, an inspired Olympian given one chance to demonstrate her gifts. The focus of a gentle tactician in need. Moon sparkles the jungle floor through patches in the dense canopy. Her raw urge leaves no shadow against this night. Her eyes designed before glamour and gene therapy was ever invented by humans. Her sounds pure. A damp, dark place this, her nature's heaven lay, her only honest place.

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