Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shadow Girl Rainbow

aloha poets,
                      Shadow girl rainbow inspires today's poetry. Enjoy play on!

Cookies and Beacons for Bunny Tracks

Hunters and Gatherers of data now collect
All manner of what's built and what's wrecked
Make contact, a little tracking file for you snaps in
Trackers shrug and say, "What happens, happens"

Sophisticated reach is now the new thing
"Cookies" will track you from babes and bling
Aggressive surveillance offered in a soft little way
New business model bravura swaggers and sways

Cookies for breakfast goes with your beacon bacon
Your visiting search greeted with "Hey, what's shakin'?"
May I be of some service with my shiny tracking file?
If there are no more questions, then here's a little smile

A huge data center in Oregon is where you'll find me
I mean my profile in data bases for all the world to see
For a price, I mean I'm not the one who gets payed
Broad access to free info is how my tracks are laid

copyright 8.1.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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