Friday, August 6, 2010

Tropical Rock Garden

aloha poets,
                     Garden of tropical plants sit between rocks in coastal ocean
inspires today's poetry.  Enjoy play on!

Day 107: Almost Heaven

How do you subdue Mother Nature's wrath
In the end she'll reign and we'll take the bath
As accidents go, world's worst spillage at sea
Extolls us to examine how our world will be

It's been a long battle for us my friend
Now it's almost over, could be the end
Brings us together in strange I must say
Five million barrels of crude, 107th day

Should we be happy or sad for our future?
Or can we mend it back with simple suture
Permanence in near term is shelter we seek
Resident fire, earth's prospects appear bleak

Oil sand in sediment, light sheen and tar balls
Ecosystems and habitats may still hit their walls
Cement and mud, a runaway well said and done
Is there another blowout from away we must run?

copyright 8.6.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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