Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunset Cruises

aloha poets,
          Cruises of boaters and surfers at sunset inspire poetry.
Enjoy play on!

Seclusion's Predictable Milieu of Play

Always wanted a place where you know what'll happen next?
Where there's no need for clawback, no speeds at break neck
Where families form business, or books are never cooked
Your network in seclusion, you'll never be overlooked

Heart disease is not a problem where data is the food
Interactive is your media TV's static gone fore good
Informational economy, with a click the doorbell rings
High fructose corn syrup goes out, more data in it brings

Houston we have no problem, the Texans are on the rise
Discover hidden relationships between far flung eyes
Hip hop finds cheap tickets to go on fast vacations
Customize your visit to experience many nations

To be the most social, access from your seclusion
Get some so-called friends to contribute to delusion
So be treated as mere object for commerce to survive
Worldview of your own in various degrees to prioritize

Those sites you'll visit and the searches you may make
Like your own kitchen, there to bake your own cake
Secrets and fantasies spreads there once and for all
Send your information, the world's your little ball

copyright 8.8.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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