Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cross Channel Waterfall

Aloha poets,
     Photo of tropical design, architecture, and water falling gives
a cross channel effect. Enjoy!

Synergy Clergy

Elevator goes up on the web in spread of cookie
Fringe element pops the screen to be a bookie
From presidents to generals to heads of state
Party cooks up for me I thought I was late

Diversity diets bake a digital media cake
Difference in disclosure ready to break
The next big joke or is lame the plan
To build on a lower man's hat tan

In America what we do is build
Massive memorials for those killed
Tiny church or cement structure cares not
Screens and monitors feed whatever we've got

Lower the boom where taxis honk and hum
Drive an old car fixed newly by a bum
Spectacle for all the world to come
Build it and they will drum

Sow a little history to see how they felt
Making a property profit money belt
Comes to be called a human right
Fringe in tall steel gird for fight

Is legal lethargy legal any more?
Opponents gather to choose a door
Seeks concessions in exchange for decision
Cuts a profile on a screen with dull precision

And what about all that talk of connections up
While the world watches as if we're the pup
About whom this is, not much is known
Synergy clergy gravity full blown

copyright 9.12.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

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