Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashionista Garden

Aloha poets,
     Fashion show setting inspires today. Enjoy!

Sugary Surgery

Traditions in transition enter near future
As if a dark tunnel of scalpels and suture
No small business  of costs and diversion
Digs deeper hole with complex imprecision

The only way back from the muck and mire
Is to get a good lawyer to hold them to the fire
Will the public ever access a future data base
Or just go to law school to be in this chase

Relationship matters in precise direct ways
Government subsidies found in cargo bays
To dump product in a market under price
Antidumping laws even freezes out ice

Where are the public access databases?
Politicians see concern on people's faces?
To game the system and to entice the poor
Forever keeps regulators knocking at the door

Travel wide to find another government market
Selling their wares to fit all that deep pocket
Technology sees past enticement games
That focus the sale, spread the blames

Trading partners once for pure survival
To subsidize and dump now the new rival
Pipes for drilling shipped so silently seamless
Is the American way to be left so dreamless?

Blue collar suburb with pipes in the ground
Laid long before a homeowner came around
Uninhabitable timetable approaches in our time
Countervailing, antidumping laws stop it on a dime

And so it goes our democracy experiment
Republicans, democrats terms of endearment
Houseless chimneys, seamless pipes so maimed
It's a politician's market in the old system so gamed 

copyright 9.14.10
patrick d.adams
all right reserved

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