Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sun Shadow Splash

Aloha poets,
     Sun shadows in waterfall splash inspires today. Enjoy!

Buy at a Sale to Sell to a Buyer

Can the business of banking be an emerging market?
Location, location, was once how they sparked it
Global regulation may step on a few toes
Retail networks now here, so it goes

Bilateral damage sticks inside chains of transactions
Pay rates on deposits go to customers in fractions
Charge a rate on loans at any discretionary writing
Golden Age of Observation now waits for infighting

Gains on investments in local lenders
Overseas offers border defenders
Explosion of offerings in local regions
Holds down a globe like vocal religion

Narrow net-interest margins a man thing?
Pace of expansion for new networks clang
Race of approval to license media
In case technology comes to need ya'

Public disclosure there on your screen
In search of action to make the world scream
The worst of a crisis surely succeeds
Published rules emerge after business bleeds

Data center reuse as a trade repository
A change of behavior now tells the whole story
To prevent a default shines a light not used to it
Center counterparties sell to buy, again, they do it

To build for the long term with branch networks small
Place yourself in between that and then play ball
Create a collapse and a sheer panic to boot
Recognize exposure to the big boys, then give a hoot

Transactions never settle if they're stuck in bilateral
Foreign-formed institutions get damaged with collateral
Build for the long term, stereotyping? set it small
Act as a buyer at a sale, turnaround, sell to all

copyright 9.19.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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