Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloud Angel

aloha poets,
                      Clouds appear as a floating angel across the ocean sky. Enjoy!

Midlevel Medieval

Beach forecast now in a forest of dreams
Sao Paulo destination of new oil rig teams
Brazilian vessels fluctuate in coxswain
40% now the chance of pain

Jailed geologists and scattered small storms
Tropical flares coastal farmland warms
Money for trouble is to create a clean slate?
Simpe returns communist-era welfare state

Pay per view with more scads of hugs
Another thumping, another round of shrugs
Texas City Texas now has tar balls
One by one the Gulf south falls

So they say the south will rise again
With thousands of oil plugs can they win?
Ads give big oil another plug
Drive Tar Del Mar, give your car a hug

As the ocean view goes, so their view remains
Stiff winds soft tar gushing crude gains
Reminisce now go back to the day
Of soft winds and stiff tar the medieval way

Hitch a ride on those ships of no idle fleet
Get carried by currents, unbridle your feet
Deepwater Horizon in such a shallow view
Search now for yourself the deep wild blue

copyright 7.08.10
all rights reserved

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