Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jungle Bungalow

aloha poets,
                      Jungle bungalow inspires today. Enjoy!

"Just Pay Me" Blues

Ok let's do it, I'll be your protestor
I'll go out for a dollar to be your jester
Yes I will, I'll be your point man too
They can point at me, I'll picket for you

You say it's unfair those wages they offer
Not enough money to bother with your coffer
I'm looking for work I'll do your little dirty
I'll sing and chant make that a buck thirty

Hire me now, I'll be your best protestor
Your own couldn't make it, why let it fester?
I'll march and rant on your paid picket line
Hey Mr manager can you spare a dime?

Pay me to march, pay me to chant
Pay me to picket, pay me to rant
I'm here for you to fill organizational need
While your own workers stay home to bleed

Just pay me, pay me now, anyway anyhow
Nothing is for free you can be my cash cow
I'll walk your line, looking fine, be on time
Just pay me!

copyright 7.16.10
all rights reserved
patrick adams

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